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They told me about on the edge of the Thar desert..
so..I took that train from this place..
in fact..I did not like it at all..Bikaner...was
but the folks are very colourfull...specially the tribal woman..
awww...Rajasthan is a photographers paradise really..
again..a qila(fort)the same stuff than any other fort..
the fort is called Junagarh qila..quite impressiv..
throne room..mirrors in the ceiling..maharajah artifacts..
I saw it all before..I enjoyed it every time..always different..
the old city is entered via a gate=Kota gate..
saw some nice haveli(houses)I will relate about haveli's in next
posting about Jaisalmer..and yes..Bikaner...a bazar as well..
I talked to some young Bikaneri's..they gave me *bhujia*
that's a nice can be salted or hot..
i still get it today in a local Indian shop at 30kms.from my door..
once I start this shit..I can't stop eating it...bwaaahah..
these dudes were students..they said I should visit Deshnoke..
I did not..but..I will tell you about Deshnoke..
the Karni Mata mandir(temple)is known as the rat temple..
Karni was a re-incarnation of Durga(Hindu goddess)
it's a place 30kms.from Bikaner...reached by bus..
it's full of rats..they are in the temple...and fed on silver plates...
strange India..oh yes..I'll get you all a link..
I don't like rats..but..they are creatures of this universe..
so are snakes..lions..tigers..humans..anything..we all belong..
I went to the bus station...because..I had to travell to Jaisalmer..
by bus..via Phalodi...a trip on an Indian bus=7 hours ride..
omg..some adventure..I can tell you peeps..I got dust in my hair..
in my mouth...tastes very funny..that Rajasthani dust..heat..
crazy Tiger
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