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Jalgaon towards Bhopal via Khandwa by train..
I recall Bhopal as a hot,dusty and dirty town..
lots of slums around the railway station..
the old city harbours many Masjids=mosques..
Bhopal was mainly a Muslim town..
there are some lakes around town..if I remember well??
Bhopal made sad history in 1984 when thousands of folks..
died in the Union carbide factory disaster...poisonous gas..
for the rest..I don't recall much of Bhopal..
I took a night train out of Bhopal direction Ujain-Ratlam..
my aim was to visit the *qila*(fort)of Chittorgarh..
and that would bring me back into Rajasthan..
soon..I was gonna be back in Jaipur..with Ruby..
this trip..was coming to an was worthwhile..
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