Barefoot in the fall

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Hi everybody it's been great to be barefoot here in Utah. Last week the temperature was in the 40's in the day and low 30s at night. And it rained last week i had surgery on my knee a week before and i went to the hospital barefoot . I washed my foot so it wasn't so dirty. My bottoms of my bare feet are stained black and i love it . But i wanted the doctor tp be ok with my dirty bare feet and he was . He told me that they will wash my bare foot the one that is going to have the surgery on. My doctor knows that I'm a barefooter and i never wear shoes or socks. The only good thing is that my doctor is for going barefoot. He told me that being barefoot is good for your knees and ankles and hips wearing shoes creates problem with your hips knees, and ankles. So the day of the surgery i went in barefoot and come out barefoot. . Then i had to go back and have the stiches removed and that week it rained and the looks i was getting was I'm crazy for being barefoot at this time of the year. I had one person asked if i was afraid to slip and fall because it was raining and I'm barefoot . I said no i walk better barefoot then in shoes. I had one of the nurse's said that the doctor prefers his clients go barefoot afte surgery it's safer to walk barefoot. So i had my stiches removed and the doctor said i can do what i can but don't push it to much.. It is great not to hurt anymore. Then this week i had two other doctors appointment and the nurse's for one doctor said wow it's in the 40 degrees and you are still barefoot. And i said I'm a full time barefooter or what is called a earther. And she said that my bare feet must be tough not to feel the cold on your bare feet. I told her i walk barefoot in the snow. And i told her she will see me barefoot in the winter. And the nurse from my primary care physician said yes you will see him barefoot in the snow his bare feet get a little red but that's all . I told them i love to feel the leaves crunch under my bare feet and i love to feel the snow on the bottoms of my bare feet it's hard to explain until you try it your self. The nurse ask if i clean the snow off the driveway and side walks in my bare feet and yes i do i even showed a video from my phone that a neighbor took of me removing snow from my driveway and her driveway and side walks. Everybody calls me barefoot Rick. Even my primary care physician calls me that and i love it. One of this day's I'm going to clean the snow from my back patio not just barefoot but naked. That will be great . Everybody keep barefooting.
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