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So..farewell Gambia..short needs more then 2 days..
again the bac(ferry)towards Barra..and again the taxi brousse ride..
towards Dakar..the Senegalese worthwhile..
looked bit Dakar..was a delight..
it was like coming home in our hotelroom..good shower..
just was our last day in day flight from Yoff..
the last day..I got a wife went alone to Kermel market..
brave woman..she told me..some *bana bana's*bothered her..
in the evening..we ordered dinner by roomservice..
I recall *sole meuni?re*which was a good prepared fish dish..
I made a fuzz with my wife..about leaving bit early..
did not want to miss the Brussels flight with Sabena..
took a cheated in the price..but..that's Africa as well..
we flew back home..this second Senegal trip..was O.K.
but..I preferred my first was more adventurous..
next trip was Malta...I'll report about it soon..
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