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so..we stayed 3 days in Bangkok..visited temples of course...
I particulary liked Wat Pho=it got a reclining Buddha..
it's enormously big..and lots of Thai Buddhists visit here..
Wat Pho is as well an institution for Thai massage..
and I mean the medicinal one..not the Patpong sex stuff..
it's always amazing to stand before all these temples..
how could they build all this..I never understood really??
Wat Arun is on the other side of the river..short boat trip..
arun means *dawn*the view at dawn..must be stunning..
a visit to the Grand palace and the emerald Buddha is a must..
but it's very heavily touristically feels holy entering..
and seeing the emerald Buddha's in green jade..precious..
inside this temple..or for that matter any temple..take off your
shoes..and never point your feet towards the jade Buddha..
the whole Grand palace complex visit takes easily few hours..
wat Traimit is something really special..because in here..
one can view..a golden Buddha...yes..solid's huge..
and weighs a few tons..I bet it's more then 2,5m high as well..
it's stand in front of it..I felt very little..
Wat a marble temple..and worthwhile seeing..
my wife..being Indian..was often mistaken for a Thai..
Thai's are very friendly folks..very curious..bit shy though..
never touch anyone's's bad manners..
we went inside a travell agency and booked a complete trip
to Chiang Mai..that means..train trip return+3 nights hotel..
the train station in Bangkok was called Hualamphong..
hectic activity..Bangkok is a crossroad for many destinations..
we did not do a river canal boat trip to a klong market..
it's called floating market...and bit over touristically...
let me tell you all..3 nothing in Bangkok..
if you peeps ever go..take at least 8 days..then you grasp..
something more about Krung thep=the city of angels..
the last day...we did some visit to Jim Thompsons silk..
went into a Silom Rd.big supermarket..visited a street market etc..
anyway..we did not get bored in this place..traffic is horrible..
watch out..if you have to cross a street in Bangkok..
you better take a tuk tuk taxi..Bangkok is a big town..
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