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so..our Northern Thailand trip was finished..
it gave us a good impression of how Thailand looks...
outside Bangkok..nowadays tourists flock to Pattaya,Phuket..
Hua Hin etc..Thailand is a very popular destination..
South East Asia is particulary's so different..
my dream was a trip from Bangkok to Singapore by train..
via K.L=Kuala Lumpur..I never made it...pity..anyway..
so..train ride to Bangkok..overnight sleeper problem..
took the same hotel around Silom Road..we arranged it that way..
the hotel owners were very nice folks...friendly...typical Thai..
by the way..we got a surprise???next morning...
when we woke up..for our second last day in Thailand..
flood in the streets..we forgot our boots..rainy season,you know...
we waded trough the our feet wet...ahah..
last day..did some shopping...bought some kitchen plates..
unbreakeable..plastic,I bet??typical Thai designs on it..
next day..Don Muang(airport)by train..flight with Thai Airways..
to Calcutta(India)went to my sister in's damn good..
to have an adress to stay in's my favorite town..
despite all the misery,poverty and filth..a West Bengali heart..
is a be treasured..Oh..but my sis in law..was Assamese..
damn..she was a great lady..when she died in a plane crash..
I just tell you all..I cried like a Dum Dum..
hectic..typical Indian..chaos..we reached Calcutta town..
via a bloody traffic that wife couldn't take it..
stayed few days in Calcutta..wife flew to Assam=family visit..
I flew to Delhi..flight to Brussels with Bangla Biman..
reached safe home..after a flight to remember.
full of Bangladeshi's going to New York via Brussels..

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