Banfora-Karfigu?la(Upper Volta)

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So..time to say goodbye to Bobo..nice place..very African..
Banfora was not that far south of Bobo..we reached soon enough..
got some information about that waterfall..I believe it was 15kms
away from Banfora..we stayed in Banfora that day..nothing special..
we met a whole group of French construction builders..they were
setting up some factory nearby...all they talked about was women..
hookers..did not like these dudes...we decided to walk that distance
to the would take us maybe 2 hours..the sun..
can be scorching in december in morning..
we set off..from Karfigu?la..we reached that place..
like I 2 hours place..was so nice..
we set up camp there..I mean..we decided to pick up a place..
where we could spread our sleeping was on a steep rock..
the waterfalls were's so see a waterfall in Africa..
Karfigu?la was a place..very remote...absolute silence..nature..
we stayed there for 4 days...of course we took our precautions..
and stocked up well in food at a Banfora shop..mostly coffee..
and tinned stuff...sardines..dried fruits..just survival stuff..
one tribal dude..came to the place where we stayed..
he did not speak French..just pointing out..he was living in a village..
somewhere down..these people..lived far from civilisation..
one day..on one of our walks down to the waterfall..we found signs..
of that tribe..a monkey skull..put up on a stick..just in the middle..
of nowhere...strange...after 4 days of this Robison Crusoe stuff..
ahahah..we got sick of it..and walked back to Banfora town...
I'll try to get a link about Banfora-Karfigu?la..
below..a link with a picture of Karfigu?la waterfall..brings back memories..uhuh..
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