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Tampere-Turku was an easy ride..I got easily to Turku..
still had to buy a ferry ticket towards Stockholm..
although it was high season..this ferry line got seats enough..
I guess it was 11 hours a nice town..
i had some time before ferry went to see the city..
tourist offices in Finland are very helpfull..they give a city map..
and some major interesting points to visit..for Turku Naantali is
certainly worthwhile...but I did not have the time to visit..
Naantali is 15kms.from can reach it on a 1h.boat ride...
it's a very old town..very touristical couldn't go there..
Turku also has an open air museum..with old wooden houses,farms etc..
in fact Turku got very good museums..I only had a few hours...
so i went to the marketplace(kauppatori)where a local market was held
with lots of fresh food,fruits..always a good place to stock up for a
traveller..very colourful as well..because just near is an orthodox church
so...took the ferry..same stuff..lots of Finns on a booze spree..
next morning i would be in Stockholm..with a bit of luck..I suppose would
try to reach J?nkoping-G?teborg..probably I could save 1 night's sleep
if I could get ferry ticket G?teborg-Fredrikshavn(Denmark)night crossing
but it's a distance..i doubted whether i would get to G?teborg?
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