back home by train via Vienna(Austria)

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day 2 in H?viz..well..not much different then day 1..
all one can do in H?viz is mostly swim in the lake...ahah..
it's so damn feels same coming out..
of a real Finnish's our body reacts...
to thermal must be the minerals in the water..uhuh..
the train trip to Vienna..went fine..goes via Szombathely-Sopron..
if I analyse this Hungary trip now..I must was O.K.
but..I missed much more of this country..few days is NOT enough..
and I never went back's a nice place..
I did like the *palinka*=a brandy made from's 40 degrees..
watch out with this stuff..bit like the slivovitch in Yougoslavia..uhuh..
Vienna..well..we just changed trains there...and took that train..
which brought us back home to trip..was a 2 weeks trip..
flying from Findel airport(Luxemburg)to New York(U.S.A)via Iceland..
many hipforummers here are American...I can tell you all..
I did enjoy New York,Boston,North Andover(Massachusetts)
we did bit of New Hampshire..great country..
much different from what I had seen before...
I will give you peeps full report soon..
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