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by train to Aurangabad from Hyderabad was not so easy..
a trip of half a Aurangabad..stayed somewhere cheap..
don't recall the adress..since I was moving next day to visit Ellora..
I booked myself a conducted sightseeing tour of this place...
as far as I recall they visited *Bibi ka Maqbara*was this a copycat
of the famous Agra Taj Mahal??in my humble opinion..a good try..
but of course much more can't copy Taj Mahal..
the Moghul rulers were active in this town..specially Aurangzeb..
so..this *bibi*was built for his wife..biwi=means wife in Hindi..
but..still..I did like the building..impressiv..lots of *Masjids*as well
in Aurangabad...the Muslim influence is still there..
a good example of this influece is Panchakki..actually it's a marvel
of Moghul this place a *pir*=Sufi saint is buried..
the watermill is still active..the garden is quite a pleasant sight..
there's a river running through Aurangabad as's called Kham..
as far as I was very hot in this town..typical Indian.. bus towards Ellora..for these famous caves..
a bit over 30kms by bus..I intended to stay 1 night in Ellora..

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