Anfang und Fortschritt

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"Who We Are and What We Do" was the title of a blurb I used to pass out at a job I had in 1985. It frightens me to think of where I once was 22 years ago. The job is still there... somewhere else... and the people are MUCH older (or scattered across America doing something else).
I'm a vocational nurse in California. At 48 I just started my first job in the new career. I have to put in a year of service before I am paid to return to school. I'm looking at a masters degree. I'll be 52 by the time that happens.
There are other things that I think about lately. Good friends, love, the lack of spirituality, the need to remember that Magic always happens for a reason.
That's all I want to write about right now. I'm at a cross-roads and I need to make a plan.
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