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We reached Barcelona safe..and luckily enough could get a place..
in the youth hostel morning..
we took a bus to Andorra la Vella via Manresa+la Seu d'Urgell..
bit over 4 hours drive...nice countryside by the way..
this small...but based on shopping and tourism..
we got a decent priced hotel in Andorra la Vella..
and booked 2 nights..first we went to the tourist office..
to find out about sightseeing..main things to see are some typical buildings..
a few churches..but the main stuff are the shopping facilities..
Andorra la Vella is a shopping spree..because taxes are very low..
so..specially eletrical goods are much cheaper then elsewhere..
also alcoholic drinks,benzine,clothes etc...are better priced..
the language spoken in Andorra is Spanish Catalan..
in fact..2 days for this place was bit too much..
we went in and out shops for most of the time..
in the evening we had a cheap meal..
in fact it was pizza..that's international food..uhuh...
I'll try to find a good link about Andorra..
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