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so..second day in Andorra...was same as the first really..
shop out..we went to see the bus timings for our trip
back towards Barcelona..and our bus back to Brussels was booked..
before we started this trip..busride to Brussels was O.K..
we reached back home trip was a mini trip..
my uncle payed us a 1 day trip to Paris..I knew this city..
but my wife did not...we went back there once..Eiffel tower,you know..
in these days..I was preparing for a television quiz..
called from pole to choice was the country Senegal..
it was running on BRT=Belgian radio/television..
I underwent a selection...and got selected..
I won some money..and a free trip to Senegal(1986)
I'll report about that in a later posting..first Paris..uhuh..
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