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Train trip from Trondheim towards Andalnes via Dombas..
around Hjerkinn mountain scenery=Dovrefjell National parc..
in Dombas station we had to change for Andalsnes..
I recall a whole group of tourists from South Korea..
very nice folks..bit noisy..and a funny language..
we met the whole bunch again on the bus to Geiranger...
between Dombas-Andalsnes very luvly scenery..lots of waterfalls...
reached Andalsnes safe..tourist office in railway station..
we stayed 2 nights at the local Youth Hostel..
very nice location..we became friendly with the owner..
lovely woman called Gunn..typical Norvegian mentality..
we got our own private room..and let me tell you all..
this Youth hostel is famous in Norway..for its fresh fish breakfast..
it's a very nice place really..we felt very much at home there..
ask for's about 2kms..from the railway station by bus..
we just rested...and next day..trip to bus..
via the famous Trollstigen mountain road...really something...
will tell more about's a must..if you like fjord scenery..
link for Andalnes...
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