And here I am again

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There were times when I was very much active here on Hip Forums. I had made some really cool friends, had great conversations, and also gotten sucked into the internet drama. I remember the first hiatus that I went on was just a few months after I first joined this site way back in 2005. Then another hiatus in 2006. After that I would pop back in occasionally but wasn't very active, until perhaps 2009 when I started to become somewhat more active again. During this period, I started posting blog entries most often on here which appears not to be accessible any longer. Kinda sucks because I like to think I'd written some good stuff, if nothing more than for nostalgic reasons.

By 2011, though, I had once again stopped being publicly active. I still exchanged PM's with a number of people, but would refrain from making public posts for the most part. The last few years especially have kept me from being active on here due to personal reasons(aka: life). And yet, I seem to always end up back here.

Thirteen years can be both a really long time and something that flies by super fast. Sometimes I long for the good ol' days when I was part of a group of these great fellow HF members. Sometimes I miss the friendships I'd developed with this member, or that member. Sometimes I regret pushing these people away due to my personal situations. But at the same time, I have made a decision many years ago never to mix my AT life with my offline life again. So, I suppose I have to pay the price for maintaining this double life, so to speak.

The truth is that HF is the only online community that I feel like I can somewhat safely come back to. Not that I have never experienced negative things on here in the past(on the contrary!), but it just seems that I can't really function well within other online communities, maybe save for a particular porn site, lol. I don't know what I'm doing here this time around, to be completely honest, and there's also a likelihood that I'll go on another hiatus soon as well. But what I do know is that I'm here now, and that's really all I've got at this point.

May 2018 be a great year for everyone. :)
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