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So..I set off from the outskirts of Oslo..
past Holmenkollen ski jump..on the road to Honefoss..
loveley a ride to Gol..
next village towards Geilo was Al..Aslaug came to see me..
at Al church..she lived in Leveld..ride by local bus..
awww..this was in the middle of nowhere..
loveley places inbetween..very rural and peaceful..
I worked 1 week in Aslaugs's farm..picking hay..
we got free farmers food,tobacco..from Aslaug's mother..
they kept a horse..and had a loveley dog..and a few cats..
Aslaug was a budeia=these chicks go out in the mountains..
cows go out all day..the milk collected is put on stackets.
on the day..a van picks up the milk..
i tried to milk a cow...but did not succeed..damn difficult..
every cow in Aslaug's stable had a name..
great chick she was..and never seen such beauty..
the idea was..that she was going to go with me towards North Cape.. the gypsie style life...but..something came inbetween..
and I left on my own..but..I recall these days on that wooden farm..
I recall Gunn(Aslaugs mother)great lady..Leif was her brother..
and Gunilla her sister..came one day...she was a city girl living in Oslo..
very different from Aslaug..Leveld was an experience for me...
so far for life on a Norvegian farm..really enjoyed these few days..
I was going to move on towards the fjord regios of Central Norway..
will tell the rest later Norvegian fjords...Ohhhhh..well..
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