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Train trip towards Honefoss and Al went O.K..
I was bit nervous to see my girlfriend back..
she came bit late..I almost did not recognize her anymore..
she had curly hair..and looked older of course...yes 23 years..
she took us to her cottage..and served food for us..
first we did some shopping in Al in a small supermarket..
nice place she had really..we got a bed in her guestroom..
she kept a cat called Ravi..we talked about earlier days..
she never got married..but she had a bloke somewhere..
damn..she was a beauty when I knew her..typical Norvegian..
she was very much into alternative healing when we visited..
her sister Gunilla was more a hippie girl..while she was a farm girl..
she was a*budeie*in her glory days..a budeie went into summerfarms..
where the cows were kept and let out to the evening..
cows back in the stable..and all cows were hand milked...
the milk was then poured into jars..and in the morning..
a truck from the dairy..collected these jars..usually the summerfarm..
was very isolated in plain desolate this case around Leveld..
in Norvegian these summerfarms are called*seter*
all cows had Bella etc..I tried to milk a cow once there..
all I got was a tail in my face..ahah..
next day..we went to visit friends mother welcomed us..
She was a very friendly lady,took us to their*seter*I recalled that place..
it was a nice the evening we took the train to Geilo..
where we had booked a room in the Youth hostel...
all together..this visit was a bit of pure nostalgia..yip..
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