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I don't recall clearly how I got from Ellora to Jalgaon..
but from Jalgaon..I took a bus to Ajanta village..
about bit over 58kms busride..takes few hours though..
decided to go back to Jalgaon..it's on the Bombay-Bhopal line..
Ajanta got around 30 caves to visit,I believe??
they are all Buddhist in origin..I visited only 10 maybe??
in the end..they all look a bit the same..
it's cool and dark in some caves...and I saw some good fresco's..
it's surprising..how well these rock fresco's are preserved..
some real nice scenes are depicted in these fresco's..
in Ajanta itself...and also in Fardapur..locals try to sell amethyst
stones to any tourists...very persistent touts sometimes..
after the visit to Ajanta..which maybe took 2 hours..
i took a bus back to Jalgaon railways..was gonnna move on..
towards Bhopal town..tell you later about that..
I'll see for a link on Ajanta..
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