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Now..reaching Agadez after a very rough trip..
was a release..Agadez is a desert place..
very liveley old quarter centered around the Grande Mosquee
strange architecture indeed..very ancient..
one sees camels walking around in this place..funny sight..
the Grande March? is very colourful..lots of artifacts..
Tuareg art is quite refined..specially silver or leatherwork..
I stayed in a cheap hotel..don't remember the name...
there were some French travellers going down south..
I went to the tourist information to find out about travelling
northbound direction Algeria..not a very easy thing..
I needed to contact a truck driver going that way..
border checkpoint between Niger-Algeria was Assamakka..
then In Guezzam..and bit higher up..Tamanrasset..
from that point..a trip north crossing the Sahara..
I was bit worried about crossing Algeria Sahara traject..
later turned out..I was very lucky in a way..
will tell you peeps later on...I'll find a link about Agadez..,_niger,_africa.htm
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