a visit to Warsawa(Poland)

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Next day..visit of Poznan..some churches..a nice town square..
next day..we set off by train to Warsawa..via Konin and Kutno..
the countryside of Poland..viewed from our train window..
was lovely..finally we reached Warzawa..capital of Poland..
Marian got us in a nice hotel..this town..is on the Vistula river..
few bridges=most..we stayed 2 nights there..decent hotel..
first thing we saw was the palace of culture and science building..
it's Warsawa's idea of a skyscraper..tallest building in Poland??
anyway..prestige project of the communistic era??
the old town=Stare miasto..is full of historic buildings..
the old town square was called rynek??I recall some buildings..
but town squares in eastern Europe resemble each other a bit..
we went to Wilanow parc..with a nice laid out garden..and palace..
few musea in that place as well..don't recall the exact names..
Warzawa is full of nice restaurants,pubs,bars,little shops...
I still like Krakow more..to me..it got more charm..anyway..
we took some food in some restaurant..next day...strolled around Warzawa again..
and prepared a trip to Czestochowa=the black Madonna..
very famous place for religion...Poles are very Catholic..
trip to Czestochowa was done by train again..in fact..Marian payed
our fare..nice dude..the Polish..I can tell you...are very warmhearted..
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