A visit to statue of liberty(lower Manhattan)

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So..we made our first steps into N.Y.transport system..
the famous New York subway..with it's well known graffiti..
it was a bit of an adventure going into the subway..
we had to take the statue of liberty island ferry..
so that meant we had to reach a place called battery park..
ferry ride was about 20 minutes..lots of tourists of course..
this famous landmark is world famous...we were lucky enough..
to be able to get quickly on the ferry..because it can be a waiting..
the ferry ride itself was fabulous..once you near the statue..
it's a very nice sight to view..we got down..and took our time..
for this visit..we went up into the crown of this monumental statue..
lots of spiraling steps to climb..bit claustrofobic at times...
it takes time as well..the view over New York is fantastic...
moreover we did it on a bright and sunny august day...
I still recall my visit to the statue quite vividly..we did not do Ellis
island..we took our time at statue of liberty island..
Ellis island had to do with the immigration into the U.S.A.
we went back to lower Manhattan by ferry..
and did some walking towards Chinatown via World trade center area..
Chinatown is near Canal Street..I recall the funny telephone boots over there...
we had Chinese food for a reasonable price somewhere..excellent..
the shops and the goods displayed were very interesting...
typical Chinese...little Italy borders this area..restaurants of course..
with spagetti bolognese,lasagne..anything Italian..
so..our first day in the big apple was worthwhile..next day...
we plannned a visit up to World trade center building..
sadly enough..WTC..is no more..it's a crying shame..
that this happened to not only the city of N.Y..but to humanity..
I'll try to find a good link on statue of liberty island..

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