A New Year Hope

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And so into the New (Calendar) year. - A time when resolutions for change are made - out with the old - In with the new/ young).
'When the music of Beano celebrations are over, awakening with either hangover - upon melancholy memories. or rejuvenated energy following physical, mental, or other refreshment of sustenance - with inspired drive for an adventurous future - there lies the rub. As one gets older, there tends to be more of the former than the latter - or it can be - if you let it be so.

Whether the exuberance of youth, or confidence of experience, age is just a number that others have opinion and make presumptions upon:- "Too Young to know - Too Old to grow" - though to make such blinkered judgement is for me very much flawed.
Employing and embracing a freshness of spirit and courage of conviction (which is I guess what is called 'olde school' ideology) to look at things as a view of "Everything to gain - Nothing to lose" which seems more attuned to ones credo.

Change is a methodology of travelling along the pathway/s of our lives; before embarking on the plane which lies beyond.

Great men and women of yesterday/s endured great difficulties and made great sacrifices; not just for themselves but for they who follow in order to prove that 'giant oaks from little acorns grow". We can all contribute to change in/with varying degrees of effort: - "If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way" = MLK

Though for some, the future seems/is somewhat written, it is I feel, done so in pencil, and we all have a part to play in world wide development - for ceasing to develop sees stagnation.

For those with faith however, there is always that witch Pandora was able to retain
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