A Day Without Money ... A Hippie Reincarnation for Today

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On Thursday I left my shoulderbag at a meeting. I noticed it when I got home. I told the leader of the meeting. She told me that the meeting room would re-open on Sunday. Hmmm... Big deal, right? The shoulderbag had my checkbook, my cash, my credit cards, and my driver's license.
Today is Saturday, and I am at home sipping hot tea and making meatless borscht. Oh, and watching epis
odes of the original Hawaii Five-0 (the ones starring Jack Lord and James MacArthur). The island looks beautiful in those old episodes; so underdeveloped when compared to the remake new series. Of course, back then, the characters who were wearing suits to do police work also sprinkled in the local jargon of the era when talking to young radicals, rogues, or hipsters. That always seemed creepy to me; as if the police were talking down to the people.
Borscht is one of my favorite soups to make. It has beets, onions, cabbage, and carrots. A cup of that and some home made beans on a plate and I've got the most delicious meal that will stick to my ribs.
As I was peeling the root vegetables, I was getting ready to throw the unwanted skin and ends into the compost heap. But--in an instant of hippie recall--I decided instead to put it in a pot and boil it up in some distilled water. The outcome is home made vegetable stock.
In today's world, few people I know would think that saving bean water or the liquid from boiled vegetable skins as advantageous. I think of it as an inexpensive way of adding healthy vitamins back into the body and of enriching the flavor of the soups.
The tea is from Harney & Sons. I keep a cabinet filled with different flavors. Today it's Kenya.
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