2nd Journal Entry

Published by The Instinct in the blog the white binder cont. from old journal days. Views: 141

I've noticed that a lot of people want to be like each other and do the same things as each other to fit in or be liked. I'm the opposite. I want to be different, so from now on all journal entries will be numbers instead of titles of feelings. What's in a title anyway? Are people trying to have their stuff read to feel acknowledged of their feelings? Or for some sort of number on their thread/post, etc. I don't get it. If I write it, I should know how I feel. If people read it and agree, good for them. I shouldn't have to title it an emotion. Besides, if people really do read this then whatever, let it be some sort of instinct of a favorite number and see if they relate to what is said in the numbered journal entry.
I also wonder why everyone wants to dress similar to each other. Hell I want to dress like a Jedi, a Hobbit or a Wizard. I don't feel like everyone else so why dress like everyone else year round? I think I might stand on a street corner with signs of some sort of wakening thoughts or encouragement dressed like a Jedi one of these days. I don't know, I'm just tired of being like everyone else.
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