23 and still nothing?

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So today, Wednesday January 2nd 2008 I am 23 years old. And I feel so incredibly old all of a sudden... and I feel like I've done nothing at all in my life and like I'm sitting here doing nothing. All my friends are done with school and they work or at least know where they're going some of my friends even younger than I am and me, what?? This is depressing... and I'm pretty lonely. And right now I'm scared this is just the beginning of the rest of my life but that nothing will get better.

UGH OK POSITIVE POSITIVE POSITIVE: my life will change, my life will change, and whatever it brings me, it will be good, but I do not care nor wanna worry at all about it NOW. I'm still young, and I'm gonna finish school as fast as I can and get a great job I will like because I will have worked hard! Some people older than me start school now. Some people older than me are swingers too. This is fine, this is cool.
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