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  1. Angelmama
    Funny you should mention mosquitoes. My old friend had that problem solved. He had a box with citronella and marigolds growing in it to repel the little beasties. He crushed some of the citronella...
  2. ~Zen~
    @Angelmama what a happy fellow he must have been! If it wasn't for mosquitoes I would like to live the same way...
  3. Angelmama
    I had a friend who lived in a little houseboat on the Suwanee river. He would move from place to place and had a little johnboat for side trips. He was a contented soul, an old black fellow who...
  4. scratcho
    And---I bought an unfinished 40 foot Wharram polynesian catamaran in Florida hopefully to finish and sail off into the sunset and settle somewhere in the the South Pacific. Didn't work out....
  5. scratcho
    I lived on a 40 foot trimaran in Hawaii for a while. Sailed from Maui to Oahu to see Hendrix, but he blew his amps out just before I entered the venue. :oops: But sailing was great.

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