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MeAgain, May 31, 2008
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      I really like the pictures you take documenting this here life on earth at this time.
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    • MeAgain
      Well, thank you.
      Did you see the black and white of my sister and I standing by the Christmas tree and the other black and whites of my parents' house? I lived in the foundation for 7 years. We had six people in one bedroom, no phone, the roof leaked, kerosene kitchen stove, two coal fired pot bellied stoves for heat, and one day we woke up with a cow at the door.

      The pictures with the pond are from our house in Green County Pa.
    • ~Zen~
      @MeAgain but you had a train set!

      Actually it was a good way to grow up, wasn't it? I think you are blessed :)

      Greene County, PA. Many memories for me also.

      I did return to Waynesburg a few years back and found it is now a 'university.' My old dorm there (Thayer Hall) still looks like a concentration camp building.
    • MeAgain
      Ahh! The train it was my father's and he said I wrecked it!
      So he got me an American Flyer set, which I still have.
      The picture is from Jeannettte, PA, in Westmoreland County, not Greene County.

      It was a great way to grow up. We didn't have much but we lived a lot!
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    • MeAgain
      Haven't been back to Greene county for about ten years now.
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