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  1. FTNW

    FTNW Member

    If Red was there ten years ago she couldn't know to much about Fawn as she was still a kid. When I was there Fawn was cool and fair more so than the rest of the "Elite". True she can fuck whoever she wants to but so can everyone else. Myself I have nothing negative to say about Fawn. Arol on the other hand is Queen Bitch.
  2. FTNW

    FTNW Member

    On a positive note.... I'm trying to set up an Eco-Village here in Oregon, it's a bitch starting out but I'm using a lot of what I learned from Zendik Farm. I'm really Not an Ex-Zendik. I am a Zendik. Just not a Fake Zendik like they are at the Farm. This winter I hope to have a house to start things up. It will be limited at first because of room but I can take in writers and graphic artists and musicians to start things off. If anyone is interested e-mail me at:
  3. Red Lentil

    Red Lentil Member

    I think Fawn was 15 when I lived at Zendik. She was in a pretty heavy, exclusive sexual relationship with Zoe at the time, and didn't socialize much with the Help. She lived in a separate house, was exempt from the humiliation rituals, and got to plan her own schedule-- she was just below Arol in the hierarchy. The big difference between Fawn and Arol was that Fawn was nice (maybe because she had no power). I've no idea what she's like now.

    Much like Tecca, Fawn was raised in cultural isolation. She teaches the Zendik philosophy classes, but how much has she studied that wasn't written by her parents? There are no original ideas in Wulf's teachings. Ten minutes reading bookflaps in the philosophy section of your local library will reveal this. The guy was a hack.

    And a creep:

    Wulf openly advocated incest, attempted to justify it with his "philosophy". He wrote poetry about his intense lust for Fawn (I think the song "incest" is available on one of their albums). Did he act on his desires? Well... it's not in their FAQ.
  4. FTNW

    FTNW Member

    I never could understand Zoe and his place at the farm. Geeezzzeee he used to cook up Crank in Cali...
    There was a time when everyone wanted to kick me out but Fawn told then how it was. It was their crap in the first place. But who cares right.....
    Me, I think Wolf was OK and it was Arol that twisted everything up as he got older. They isolated him for years before he died. I bet you guys have no idea of why the farm was started in the first place. Arol and Wolfs dogs got poisoned and died horrible deaths in front of them. So.... The whole thing started from pain that they have never learned to let go of which will make anyone a bitter person.
    It would be so easy to take them down. Send the local newspaper a link to this thread and I guarantee you they will be moving again.
    One thing that interests me at the moment is how Red lentil asks for ex zendiks and here I am but there is no acknowledgment on my presence..................................
  5. Red Lentil

    Red Lentil Member

    Yo, you ain't ex-zendik yet.

    You really think Wulf was ok? He spoke to me twice. Once was a comment on my tits. The other was to tell me that I shouldn't leave Zendik Farm (which was confusing, because they were kicking me out). I guess he wanted to keep my tits around.

    As for ecological practices, well..

    Real permaculture:
  6. Red Lentil

    Red Lentil Member

    Apparently, this isn't necessarily true...

    Here's one of the Zendiks' listings for the property:

    From http://www.carolinaauction.com (the company that sold the Zendik land in North Carolina):

    Benefits Of Auction Marketing To The Seller Include
    • The Highest Current Market Price - a highly charged, competitive bidding environment causes real buyers to offer their best price in competition with each other.
    • Time - auction marketing dramatically reduces normal marketing time and reduces holding costs to the seller.
    • Negotiations - are tremendously minimized - buyers must purchase on terms and conditions determined by the seller prior to the auction.
    • Curtailed After Sale Liability - buyers are fully aware of property specific data prior to bidding.
    • Maximum Market Exposure created by intense, aggressive, pro-active advertising, promotion and public relations.
    • Competition Between Buyers - forces price to its highest level, sometimes beyond perceived market value.
    Mmmmm... ecolibrium....
  7. FTNW

    FTNW Member

    HuH? Oh I see....... You sound like Arol. You know me better than I know myself. Your word is final.

    Sorry that offended you but many people here have said that same thing to others. Wolf was into the truth as he saw it and was maybe being honest, so what? Is it always a sin to comment on ones breasts that is living on a farm they created? Did he touch you? Rape you? I don't think so. But then again you judged me without knowing to much.

    How many times must have I talked to Wolf to be worthy of your conversation? Ten years..... You still hold a great deal of anger toward these people and it seems toward me too. WTF is Yo?

    Now you really have me confused..... Is this directed toward me?
  8. FTNW

    FTNW Member

    This is just what Zendik Farm is about people judging you without even knowing you. Beware folks. Red Lentil sounds as if she is one of the Zendiks playing a big mind fuck.
  9. autumngrl

    autumngrl Member

    Ah you 2 don't fight..:( We can all get an idea of how things are done on Zendik Farm.It's sad that they are doing this to people and that people are still having issues with it 10 years later. As for Red Lentil being fake,we can't really tell being that this is the internet,but like I posted before,the story sounds so close to the experience a friend of mine had that I can't help but believe it.From people say about the farm it reminds of a weird David Koresh thing,and that's just sad.Peace be with everyone...:)
  10. FTNW

    FTNW Member

    Ten years is a long time ago and I left not so long ago and have a hard time remembering the things RL has. Matter of fact Area, who was at Zendik for a long, long time and who recently moved to Oregon has a hard time remembering the details that RL has. I agree her story is right on the money, to close if you ask me. She still holds on to the Elitist part of the zendik experience, you know, totally ignoring and then bashing people who she at one time asks for. One thing I have noticed is the people that have left are not this way after being through such an experiance, would you be?
    I was an Ex-Zendik as soon as I left but that was in the way of the Farm. They didn't make the word up. It is a Sanskrit word meaning, Outlaw, one who lives outside the established order which I have always been and always will be just as many here are Zendiks.
    I just think it's funny that she would call out to us and then act this way. If the time at Zendik was so traumitizing after ten years I would think she needs professional help. I was screwed just like everyone else that went to the Farm and I was there in Bastrop and Florida and it hasn't been ten years for me and I'm fine and starting my own thing. I do get pissed off when I hear others stories and we were lied to but what can we do? If someone wants to pay for a Truth About Zendik domain name I'll build and host a website where ex-zendiks can gather and tell their stories but I guess they will have to be approved by RL...............
  11. Greenhornet

    Greenhornet Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I spent a summer at the Zendik Farm when it was in Texas and had many of the same impressions that “Red Lentil” and “FTNW” have written about. I see no reason for them to be at each other’s throats!

    The Zendiks are insular, hypocritical, and totalitarian, however, they did not strike me as being evil, just too absorbed by their own ideas and “scene” to see themselves at all clearly. They aspire to high ideals and condemn everyone for not living up to them. Unfortunately, they don’t live up to these ideals, themselves, which is clearly illustrated by their recently subdividing their land in North Carolina and selling it off as a residential community like good little capitalist “spoilers.” I’m sure they have all sorts of justifications for it, but in truth, they’re just a part of the “death culture” they claim to hate so much. They proclaim themselves “eco warriors,” but what are they really doing to save the environment except perhaps eating organic produce and salvaging some old building materials? Selling trippy CDs and magazines with gloomy B&W etchings that contain the same tracts by Wulf, Arol and Chen year after year certainly won’t save the world.

    So what is it about the Zendik Farm that stays with people and pisses us off so much? I think it’s the fact that these “warriors of truth” lied to us. They set themselves up as being this haven from the evils and insensitivities of the world, got our hopes up, and then proved to be little more than a bunch of self-righteous, ineffectual eco-snobs. My impressions of the people? Wulf was an ego manic, Arol a control freak, and Fawn a conceited brat. Of course these are generalizations, but people like sound bites these days, so there it is.

    I think the main thing for recovering Zendiks to remember is that these are just a few fallible mortals who are in various states of denial just like the rest of us. I think the greatest Zendik discouragement is that we, or at least I wish so much that there was a close-knit rural clan of honest, sincere, loving people out there who strove to save the planet and all that dwell here. Perhaps somewhere in the world there is such a group, but it ain’t the Zendiks.
  12. Red Lentil

    Red Lentil Member

    Okay, my post was poorly (or barely) written, and I've clarified some things below. I didn't mean it as an attack on anybody, and I'm sorry that it upset you, FTNW.

    I don't know how to do the purple quote thing right. So I'm quoting myself in bold:

    Yo, you ain't ex-zendik yet.
    FTNW, you said yourself that you're not ex-Zendik. You're right that they're a pack of liars who don't live according to their professed beliefs-- therefore, an honest person can be more "zendik" than Zendik Farm. No hostility intended.

    You really think Wulf was ok?
    Have you really considered Wulf's role? Wulf could have intervened, could have prevented a lot of abuses. He sat by Arol's side while she gave her commandments and did not object. He was the guru. She was his secretary. Good cop, bad cop. The Zendiks' problem is a hierarchical power structure, which is bigger than Arol.

    He spoke to me twice.
    Only twice in two years did he address me directly.
    Once was a comment on my tits.
    I should have given some context here-- he objected to the forced weight-loss diet on the grounds that it might cause my breasts to decrease in size. I was eighteen, thin, anemic and perpetually fatigued at the time, but what concerned him was that I remain "stacked".

    As for ecological practices, well..
    The Zendiks are far from the vanguard of permaculture-- they aren't even on the map. They do not live in an ecologically sound manner. Every year, dozens of young people who are interested in permaculture go to Zendik Farm thinking that they'll be receiving an education in sustainability (but end up just having their cars stolen). This is one of their deceptive recruiting techniques. Please visit the site below. It gives a good basis for comparison.

    Real permaculture:

  13. FTNW

    FTNW Member

    Wolf was out of the picture for a long time and he never was in control of the place, Arol, Chey and well, it seemed the "top evil" women were always in charge. Maybe Wolf didn't care, I don't know. There was never any deceit as far as Sex went at the Farm, it's a known that Sex is encouraged. Did it bother me when everyone had to stand outside with their pants down for a crab check? No, it didn't, I knew what to expect. Now if I didn't know what to expect I would have been. Whatever.
    Permaculture...... Yeah I know a thing or two about it and Zendik Farm has no clue, what that had to do with me I don't know..... I offered to come back and show them about Cob building and permaculture but was scoffed at again, oh well......
    Seems like Greenhornet nailed it too just as anyone that has been there will but I disagree with them not being evil at least Arol, she is the definition of evil, the Devil incarnate.
    It would be very easy to gather ex-zendiks as I get hunderds of hits at my website from people searching for Zendik. I agree with some of what Zendik is all about I just don't agree with the way they are applying it all.............
  14. Red Lentil

    Red Lentil Member

    Oh god! The crabs! I forgot about the crabs!

    It's true, the Zendiks do want you to have sex with them... unless you happen to be gay. While I lived there, I watched them try to "cure" Ix, the only gay long-term Zendik (at the time). He eventually left Zendik Farm so that he could love as he wished. Their homophobia is based on Wulf's teachings-- he believed that (male) homosexuality was all about anal sex (and nothing else), which he condemned as "unhealthy". Another Doctor Laura comparison is in order.

    Of course, simply being hetero didn't mean a free ticket to fuckin'. As with anything else on Zendik Farm, sex was strictly regulated and you had to ask permission from the "Erosocial" administrator, who could force you to abstain for any reason. Likewise, the Erosocial administrator could order you to engage in unwanted sexual activity. Sex with people who did not live at Zendik Farm was prohibited. Masturbation ("erosolo") had to be confessed during the morning meeting, where names of couples who'd had sex with each other the night before were also read. If you wanted to sleep next to your lover after sex, you had to ask permission (often denied).
  15. cwd

    cwd Member

    Holy shit! That is so completely fucked up! It really scares the shit out of me that I even contemplated going out there for fucking nanosecond. Christ!
  16. autumngrl

    autumngrl Member

    ewww .......haha that reminds of the first time I went to Bourbon street in new orleans.I was 15,we got wasted.We found a restroom to use that didnt require us to buy anything(most of the bars you have to buy a drink and such,we had someone that was old enpugh to buy us drinks though.The legal age at the time was 18) Anyways, It was my turn and I get ready to squat over the seat( i never sit on those in public bathrooms) and written really huge on the back of the door staring right at me was "Don't bother to lean above the seat cause Bourbon Street crabs can jump 20 feet!" haha,oh man did that freak out my 15 year old mind.Sorry I know it has nothing to do with Zendik,just thought I would share....peace!
  17. autumngrl

    autumngrl Member

    oops posted twice
  18. Greenhornet

    Greenhornet Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I think it would be interesting to organize some sort association or website of and for people who have been at the Zendik Farm and who've left or been kicked out, not just to knock the place, but because many of the people who go there and then ran away screaming share similar values (the values that attracted them to the place to begin with). I think, perhaps, that exZendik sojourners could come up with ideas on how to perhaps create a real alternative, if we haven't become too cynical, that is.

    I will say that I liked the peacocks.
  19. wow my boyfriend and i were thinking about going there but after we talked to some people who have been there we changed are minds for the most part and reading some of the post on here really scared me, I cant beleive you have to ask permision to have sex and to sleep next to your lover. I cant beleive there hatred for gays, thats horrible.
  20. amberfilter

    amberfilter Member

    I am 29, I am into watercolor/whimsical drawing, I found zendik.org on ic.org when I worked at IBM and hated it there. I have had my eye on Zendik (as in going there) since 1999. I have had red flags, but I thought perhaps I was just mis-juding them. This past week was almost "the week", the one where I was gonna really do it, and by some miracle I came across this thread of posts. Who knows what could have happened if I did'nt. Those of you who have opened yourselves up enough to share should feel very good to hear this, especially RL. Thank you.
    I would help in any way I could to create a buzz that would prevent good-hearted people from going there. I'm gonna try emailing "60 minutes", everyone should, there would be a better chance they would go after the story if more people did.

    I attended the Zendik Music Festival in 2001, I remember Arol saying Wolf was buried on that land.... the land they just sub-divided and sold to a golf course.
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