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  1. black lentil

    black lentil Member

    It is understandable if you are bitter and vengeful towards Bugzy- but it is hs job alone to reconcile this with you. And again, I am not calling you a liar but neither can I teast the validity of what you say. A blood test can do that, an internet forum cannot. And there is no way to test the validity of anything else on this forum either- including what I say.
    Of course, I am free to accuse you of anything and you can do the same to me. You alone may know the truth of it but no reader can, including me.
    I would add that many, many more people have been through Zendik Farm then this thread can convey- and while you may be 100% honest, we cannot know about the rest. And no-one else can know about either of us.
    If you are who you say you are (you should know but I can't prove it) I offer all apropriate apologies if needed. But you'll never know the true motives of the peRson apologizing. And neither will any reader.
  2. oldwolf

    oldwolf Waysharing-not moderating Super Moderator

    As moderator of this forum I could have and maybe should have shut down this thread long ago.I don't like this thread - never did and said so early on . I am not a police man - I do not even like to have to read all the posts in here - yet when you go public and allow free speech there are always those who take advantage and taint the fare for the rest of us.I have always seen this thread as tainted - you people obviouslywant it and keep it within the bounds you have it - so you get to eat your creation.
    If you feel it is something you do not wish to partaje in then let it die .
    Eventually it would go to the back pages and be heard of no more - but no you people continue keeping your creation up the so far be it from me to take away the lessons you all so obviously need
    Have at it - or please contact skip via PM to ask that this thread be deleted. _ I will not delete it as it's continuation points out the need for it to stay - no matter how personally distasteful it may be to read it every now and then to make sure guidelines are followed - I have better things to do and stay away as much as possible
    Enjoy - or not - but you all continue it's presence
  3. black lentil

    black lentil Member

    old wolf,
    I am not the most coputer literate and do not know exactly what "skip via pm' means. If you could let me know or jus pass my apropriate statements along to him it would be greatly apreciated. I do hope you consider the importance of what I said. Turning internet forums into slander campaigns ain't too groovy, and Zendik people like all people have the right to keep their personal lives private, or at the very least have some sources and acountability for whaatever's said about the-true or not. But that can't happen on this forum.
    black lentil
  4. oldwolf

    oldwolf Waysharing-not moderating Super Moderator

    You know - I do not dis-agree with you
    Thinking it over I will put a sticky up directing those who wish to go to Zendick thread the link and lock this thread and let it slowly disappear - those who wish to read it may do so without it being obnoxously present. I will lock the sticky too - I will post a link to the Zendick forum to create a balance as this thread is more about a negative slant toward them than otherwise.
    People need to know what they are getting into - and there has been emough bad press herein to let people know that caution is warranted - BUT that can be said about almost every Intentional Communitty.
    Having our own attempt going we do not proselitize and our policy is visitonce to check us out 2 times to stay a bit and work with us to see if it's what you thought and then if you wish move in - but vote on membership (voting rights to determine rules etc.)is 6 months mandatory active continuous participation. (first rule is that all rules must be made or broken by unaminous consent). so I do have some idea of what people are up against both trying to get the low down or feeling the need to warn others.
    Rule of thumb is to go look at any community without expectations - let your experince there speak to you. that means you are not inclined positive or negative - but ready to perceive unbiased by what others may perceive.

    So we have heard enough, for those who need to peruse the sticky will direct - for those who feel they need to continue this discussion - PLEASE find a different medium than this forum - there is enough information here we do NOT need to add to it.
    Thank you
    Blessings along your Way
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