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Discussion in 'Anarchy' started by Shane99X, May 24, 2006.

  1. Shane99X

    Shane99X Senior Member

  2. Dr Phibes

    Dr Phibes Banned

    my god a load of anarchist books
    "oooh mom - dad - look what I'm reading !!! I'm so rebellious
    gosh dad am I the son/daughter you knew I would become
    Oh ya this is great hey listen "all property is theft"
    oh does that scare you daddy - does it - shall we talk about it"
    get a life PULLLEEEZ
    that aint anarchy in them books son thats dead people
    still sellin books so their relatives can eat.
  3. Shane99X

    Shane99X Senior Member


    I don't know about you, but most of the anarchists who visit this forum are grown adults.

    First step is education.

    Who can't promote a theory who havent yet grasped.

    About 1/2 the posts you've made so far are about rebelling against mommy and daddy...
    Personal experience? Or is that the "anarchists" you've run into.

    Anyone who claims that anarchist literature is worthless doesn't know the first thing about fighting oppression.

    Why do you think throughout history education has been withheld from the majority?

    Knowledge and action go hand in hand...

    It's not just books on the site, it's also pamphlets, flyers and connection to a larger network of like minded people.

    Anyone can throw a molotov and start a riot, that happens daily around the globe....

    It takes more than passion.

    Those with passion but no knowlegde of what they're fighting for end up trading their gods for new ones (U.S.S.R.).

    The world has been through "revolutions of the people" before.
    How does that turn out?
    Ask an average chinaman how much know about communist theory...

    If we use violence only and choose to ignore the wisdom of those whove fought this same struggle before us we doom ourselves to their same fate.
  4. Shane99X

    Shane99X Senior Member

    Oh, and i don't know what you mean about dead people selling books.

    I saw an awful lot of FREE downloads available.
  5. Dr Phibes

    Dr Phibes Banned

    It hasnt - what are you talking about? Its education when you stop glaring into other peoples dead words and examine your own thoughts
    No theory ever brought down a state - hunger is something you should be gratefull you dont understand. That is what drives the South American peasant to demand revolucion - not some snotty nosed proffesor in a book club
    perhaps if you empathised with peasants more than you congregate in a fantasy about being a revolucionary - you will realise the intelligensia stands in support of the peasant they DO NOT LEAD - who the are these snotty nosed proffessors you keep quoting - Prouhdon. Bakunin, etc etc - are dead
    we need a frontline - not a morgue full of poets but a war
    besides which you hardly separate the dogmatic diatribe of the failed socialist and communist from the breath of fresh air that is Anarchy - it aint the romance were after its the reality
  6. Shane99X

    Shane99X Senior Member

    You're about as useful to a war as a dud bomb.
  7. Dr Phibes

    Dr Phibes Banned

    Well summed up that is exactly what I am saying about you- I'm glad I got through to you
  8. Shane99X

    Shane99X Senior Member

    How does that make any sence?

    I'm all for a little pot, but this isn't the forum to ride your high on.
  9. Dr Phibes

    Dr Phibes Banned

    is this all you can say - dont quote anyone - give me an original thought concentrate on the subject - and go for it - no personal attacks - wheres the anarchy at with YOU
  10. Shane99X

    Shane99X Senior Member

    I did that already, post#4.

    You're an idiot, you're arrogant and you're one of those punk rebellious briton/american "anarchists" that knows nothing of anarchism the theory, movement, or history, you undermine the whole movement and are no better than a member of the GOP who loves the red white and blue simply because they love the red white and blue....

    Welcome to my ignore list.
  11. Dr Phibes

    Dr Phibes Banned

    Someone has got their knickers in a twist
  12. Shane99X

    Shane99X Senior Member

    2 anarchists bickering amongst themselves.

    that's going to help reach a lot of people...

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