Your thoughts on a very messed up situation.

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by umm...ya, May 3, 2007.

  1. umm...ya

    umm...ya over joyed!

    So this is the thing. I have a family member (female) who we had to rescue from a pimp. What makes it worse is that she had her 2 little boys with her. She claims that she was tricked into moving from her home where she had a job a house and a good support system to Vegas. Well now she is living with my parents. Her boys are now with their Dad which is a really good thing. But the problem is that she doesn't see what happened to her in Vegas as a bad thing. She talks about it like it was a good experience. She brags to her friends that she lived in Vegas for and while and she still calls the pimp in Vegas that we rescued her from (he was beating her). Well she made an agreement with my parents that she would go into a treatment center (which now she is trying to back out of). I just don't know what to think about the whole situation any more. I mean I have helped people like her but never a family member... I guess I need opinions or comments from people who aren't close to the situation.
  2. Duck

    Duck quack. Lifetime Supporter

    IU can't help you much, but it's okay to feel a bit mixed up, you are new to that situation (as most would be) you just havne't figured out how to handle it yet
  3. umm...ya

    umm...ya over joyed!

    I know how to handle it I just can't wrap my head around it because it is so close. Also because I have know her sense she was born I know that not everything she says is true she is also a pathological lier.
  4. LuckyStripe

    LuckyStripe Mundane.

    You just gotta be there as much as you can but realize you can only do so much, ya know?
  5. umm...ya

    umm...ya over joyed!

    Ya, true true. It is just hard because I think I am being more critical than I should because of who she is.
  6. Piney

    Piney Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Ur not being critical.
  7. mariecstasy

    mariecstasy Enchanted

    oh lord...mama needs help.
  8. umm...ya

    umm...ya over joyed!

    thats for the support Guys, It really helps.

  9. umm...ya

    umm...ya over joyed!

    my cousin ran a stop sign and was killed this morning
  10. kitty fabulous

    kitty fabulous smoked tofu

    My sincerest condolences. Was your cousin the relative mentioned earlier?
  11. umm...ya

    umm...ya over joyed!

    yes she is
  12. Taylor

    Taylor Repatriated

    Wow. Well that makes the insensitive response that I was going to type completely inappropriate...
  13. umm...ya

    umm...ya over joyed!

    I just can't believe what happened she just going out to get smokes
  14. LuckyStripe

    LuckyStripe Mundane.

  15. umm...ya

    umm...ya over joyed!

    thanks so much :)
  16. Miss_Beatle

    Miss_Beatle Beatlemaniac

    Oh god I'm so sorry. Bummer too...I had thought up this huge suggestion for how to help you handle it. But, oh, I'm so sorry. :(

    I'm here for ya :) :) So is everyone else! *hugs*

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