Your stash at this moment..How much and how good?

Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by Krayzie Hustle, May 15, 2004.

  1. I just bought a quarter of some real good shit a few days ago.I'd say I have a little over an 1/8 left. Not too bad. Looks like it will be a good Sunday after all!!!!! Its 2:20 am here in CT and I just got home and decided to start smokin!!I love life!!!
  2. Ediction421

    Ediction421 Member

    About 3/4 of a bowl of kind buds... My sister kicked me a bowl for going to sleep. So nice of her. No really, I mean that...
    Although I don't always have a large stash, I do usually manage to almost always have some weed of my own at some point throughout the day. It helps that most of my freinds are usually dealing and im allowed to buy small sacks off them for like $3 if I really had too. Well, If I really had too they could even front me a bowl, at which point it's usually given for free. Of course I used to do this for them too...
  3. ericf

    ericf Member

    Man, I don't know... I have half a joint of regs... a couple roaches... a huge fat joint of mids... probably almost a quarter of regs... personally this is more weed than I know what to do with right now. I am such a lightweight and rarely smoke. Why else do you think I have a half joint in there. lol... I need people to share with.
  4. SagaciosuKJB

    SagaciosuKJB Member

    I'm completely dry right now, but I'm planning on getting a quarter of chronic at the end of the month. Then continuously adding to it regardless of whether I have a lot left of not. (I don't like being dry. I haven't smoked in two days. It's horrible.)
  5. Cosmo4

    Cosmo4 Member

    I have a quarter of high mids..and I think two dime bags of some dank.. and a small pill bottle with a small nug and some shake of mids.
  6. twoseeeyes

    twoseeeyes Member

    3 ounces of mids and a qtr of's meant to last a couple of weeks.
  7. Nothing right now, but I'm picking up a dime on monday... I think the break will do me good.
    And my stash usually is made up of high mids.
  8. bertrose

    bertrose Member

    I just made a joint of mid shake. I need to refill my film container :)
  9. Little One

    Little One Member

    bertrose.......... i keep mind in a film container too! Twins!! except one time i put it in a nutmeg holder (cuz thats my nickname) and i forgot to wash it out first and man did that shit burn yo but it tasted kinda good lol:)
  10. babynug

    babynug Member

    i love to always have enough for a 'dry' time.i have about a Z of hydro stashed. i am going to give some to my cousing tomorrow for hopefully a repayment in the future. i like to be generous, so when i am in need people do the same
  11. TreePhiend

    TreePhiend Member

    None :eek: I had some dank sativa, but no more. It's alright though because I have to go home on tueday morning.
  12. Mui

    Mui Senior Member

    few bowls of dank left... mmmmmm so high so high... luckily i have money to get more though.
  13. porkstock41

    porkstock41 stay positive and love your life ~311

    as of right now, it's non existent. last night, i had a couple bowls worth of some schwaggish stuff that i stole from my cousin, but i gave it to some people at a party that weren't stoned. i had just smoked like 5 bowls of some dank out on a boat with some friends so i was stoned outta my brain. today, i'll probably smoke the rest of that dank with my friends. then, who knows...
  14. MrDefiant

    MrDefiant Member

  15. Platinum_twf

    Platinum_twf Member

    hay, bertrose and Little One, I keep my stuff in film containers

    any way I have 1 and a half film containers filled, I'm not sure the weight though (I don't have a scale) it's mostly mids, but there is some Really KB in there too...
  16. Peace

    Peace In complete harmony.

    My nug box has about 3/32 (halfway between a 1/16 and 1/8) in it. :(
  17. So like 2.5-2.8 grams. :)
  18. TreePhiend

    TreePhiend Member

    edit: oops bad post deleted.
  19. I guess about 1.5 ounces of some high middies....a month ago it was a QP....does anyone else buy QPs for personal use?
  20. Crazy_P

    Crazy_P Member

    I try to stay less than 100 grams (a little over 3.5 oz) for personal use, that's where the fine turns into jail time around here.

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