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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by Bellfire01, May 18, 2004.


What do you think about older people younger people relationships?

  1. Older women/younger dude is cool

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  2. Older women/younger dude is gross

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  3. Older man/young chick is hot

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  4. Older man/young chick is nasty

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  5. Older men are ok but and old chicks need to stick to old dudes

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  6. Older chicks are ok but and old dudes need to stick to old chicks

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  7. Older people should stick with older people

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  8. Older men are sexy

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  9. Older women are sexy

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  10. I could sure use some lunch right about now.

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  1. didge

    didge Member depends on the situation... like it should be legal and all..

    if two peops truly like eachother, then why da hell not!? as long as they aint kids.

    i personally perfer older men....jasus yea.

    i least 5yers older than myself is good.:)

    but, it does depend on da situation
  2. Mr MiGu

    Mr MiGu King of the Zombies

    why let age get in the way of lust

    why let anything get in the way of love
  3. honeyhannah

    honeyhannah herbuhslovuh

    Yeah! Nothing more to be said about that!
  4. Samhain

    Samhain Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    you haven't got anything in your pole about same sex reationships, my bloke is 15 years older than me, lets just say that when a person keeps an open mind they can lrean an awful lot about sex and lust and love when they reach an older age.
    oh and ive been with him ten years now, so i feel like i am walking proof that age gap relationships work.
    now is there going to be someone on here that says its different in same sex relationships, go on say it if you think your hard enough!

  5. well, even though i voted something abotu lunch (i was damn hungry then! and the word LUNCH stood up to me)....

    um age doesnt mean much to me. i mean, MOST younger guys n girls arent really mature enuf to me (not that im always ms. maturity) and older... well, let's just say there's a cut off in my mind. i couldnt really dig a 70 yr. old but ya know the cut offs for me in any directions are pretty much undefined, its all about the person.
  6. makno

    makno Senior Member

    ive had lovers way older than and younger than myself .its all bullshit that folks should associate with all of their same age. especialy friends you need to bo relating to everyone , or your lifes a sham .i do however have my preferences for lovers and friends{and i hope to be proven wrong every day}but the closer anyone is to 30 , the more of an overly serious know it all{without cause}they tend to become. but this should wear off soon.14-27 35 -100 are my favorite ages !
  7. Ginge

    Ginge Ye Olde Member

    Very true; "old" can be relative. :) However, at my age, I couldn't see myself with an 80 year old guy no matter how young he is at heart. Not saying I couldn't be friends with him, or that I'm against people my age who WOULD get with an 80 year old ("Live and let live"), but personally that's not my cup of tea.
  8. i've dated a 48 yr. old before.... he didnt seem older then 35 though. :)
  9. olhippie54

    olhippie54 Touch Of Grey Lifetime Supporter

    I'm too old for everybody here.
  10. yep, marc, you are one yr. too old for me.
  11. olhippie54

    olhippie54 Touch Of Grey Lifetime Supporter

    Story of my life.
  12. seamonster66

    seamonster66 discount dracula

    I don't know Marc, you might be in my range ;)
  13. hehe...

    just kidding, if i wasnt married, id date ya. :)
  14. olhippie54

    olhippie54 Touch Of Grey Lifetime Supporter

    Well, Trish, I certainly would ask you out.
  15. Bellfire01

    Bellfire01 I'll say anything

    lol that's cute ;)
  16. Ginge

    Ginge Ye Olde Member

    LOL! Thanks. :)
  17. thisismike

    thisismike Overlooked/Uninvited

    Love is love..
  18. I don't think it matters really. Age is "just a number" and it depends on the individuals
  19. daisymae

    daisymae Senior Member

    As long as the people involved are ok with the spread, and it's legal, I couldn't care less.

    But if some really old creepy guy/gal was not taking no for an answer, that's just ewww. When I was 19 or so, there was a 40-something guy hanging around where I worked, thinking he could date me. I just found the whole thing creepy, although he was probably harmless.

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