Your First Nude in Public Experience?

Discussion in 'Nudism, Naturism' started by PhotoDude, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. NatutallyEmily2

    NatutallyEmily2 Members

    When I was 12 I was taking my swimsuit off at the beach under a towel that was wrapped around me. But I somehow got the towel caught up in my swimsuit and as I was pulling them down my legs I ended up tugging on the towel and pulling it off, leaving me completely naked in front of a group of guys.

    I completely froze up in surprise at first, but then i realized the effect my naked body was having on them and it made me feel pretty good, so I stayed naked a bit longer before covering up.

    But even though I enjoyed it it still took me almost a year before I managed to work up the nerve to deliberately expose myself to a guy. The thrill i got from that was really amazing though and I've been doing it often ever since.
  2. James456

    James456 Members

    Wow lots of you guys had some pretty good first experiences. I just posted about my first experience visiting Haulover Beach on another thread, it was rather traumatic actually. If you are on the small side and you are a guy, be prepared to hear about it! Other than that, it was great.
  3. Daretobare

    Daretobare Member

    Your previous posts regarding your visit was much discussed and answered in a positive aspect by experienced nudists. I would say your visit as being traumatic sounds like maybe how you act and not your small penis brought you the unwanted attention.
  4. Daretobare

    Daretobare Member

    Hard to say what I'd view as my first public experience. As a youth it wasn't uncommon that myself and others my age would be nude around each other when adults weren't present. After marriage is was a home nudist only when nobody else was home. Nine years ago my wife made the suggestion we try a nude beach while on vacation in Florida. After my retirement I snowbirded to an area of that beach and attended daily. This led us to trying a resort a couple years later. We then bought a winter home next to the resort and in the winter attend daily as members.
  5. James456

    James456 Members

    Yes thank you i did appreciate the encouragement and realize that most of the people there are probably nice. All the people on this board have been nice about it. When I went to the beach I tried to keep to myself as much as possible and not intrude on anyone's space or stare at anyone. But maybe you are right, maybe I did bring it on myself?
  6. Daretobare

    Daretobare Member

    Dont be so critical of yourself and your size. The nice thing about being a real true nudist is that all bodies are accepted. Continue in your adventure with the nude life. Learn to accept yourself and you too will learn to accept others regardless of shape, color, size and age. Like everything else....practice makes perfect
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  7. victorsev

    victorsev Members

    My wife is more of a nudist than me. Braver that is. We first went nude on an island beach with about 40 other nudists either lying on the sand or swimming in the water. Removing ones clothes was the easy part then that 10 minutes of relaxing into the liberating naturist state.
    It was easy to walk down into the sea and enjoy naked swimming with my wife. She is totally unconcerned about her nudity.
    The hard part (if you will excuse the pun) was walking out of the sea with everyone looking at you.
    Yes, and after 15 years of nudism now, nudists are human and check out what is on show whether male or female.

    Now I am not well endowed and the cold sea water had further shrunk my manhood as I walked out.
    We lay sunbathing and a group of about 7 school girls came by wearing only bikini bottoms just to check out what was on show. They stopped and looked at my wife and I and there was some pointing and schoolgirl giggling when they saw my small offering.

    Anyway I fell asleep in the afternoon sun on my back and awoke with a very erect penis. My wife who had been reading next to me had noticed, was amused but said nothing.
    I was concerned though as a young teen boy had moved very close to me and was staring at my erection. He was flaccid and three times my size. He smiled and moved on. So it takes all types and sizes on a nudist beach. The liberation is worth the effort
  8. Sonja1970

    Sonja1970 Members

    Hi, first time all nude out in the free world was with my current boyfriend high in the norwegian mountains, us alone for about 1 hour. Then we gradually took it step by step until i was naked at a nude-beach with lots of other people, including familys with kids. Never looked back since then, its completely natural for me now.
  9. Onyourmarks

    Onyourmarks Senior Member

    My first time was on my holiday in France. I was 17 and was on a beach with some naked people. I went into the water and took my swimsuit off and swam naked for a while but I put my swimsuit back on when I went out off the water. Back on my towel, I took it off again. I didn't dare to walk around naked. I went on in the days that followed little by little until I was finally naked as everybody else. Thinking of it now I laugh as now I don't own a swimsuit and always go to nude beaches undress in the carpark and walk nude in the streets of that nudist resort. I am always naked at home and sleep naked. I am a smooth nudist and I like it.
  10. nldn

    nldn Senior Member

    A sauna many years ago.
  11. Steveh

    Steveh Members

    Yes the first time my wife went with me to a clothing optional nude resort she got naked in about five minutes and still to this talks about the thrill of stripping down completely naked in front of a group of naked guys watching her. she loved it and still loves showing off
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  12. Steveh

    Steveh Members

    Yes, we have been to Hedo twice now, we've never had so much sex in one week as there.
  13. beachwalker

    beachwalker Members

    Skinny dipped with friends a few times when teen and student.

    First proper public outing was on honeymoon to Yugoslavia, now Croatia. There were a couple of nude beaches near our hotel. Caught the nudist bug then.
  14. Bobbie52

    Bobbie52 Members

    My first time was when I was about ten years old. My uncle and my two cousins took me dune buggy riding in the desert. We got into a pickup and drive into the desert outside of town where there were sand dunes. We drove up to a group of other trucks. It was then I noticed that the people were all nude. My cousins jumped out of the truck and started stripping off their clothes. “Come on, it’s fun.” So I did and it was.
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  15. No Shoes

    No Shoes Banned

    I had started being naked at home every time my parents were away at 12 or 13. Once they left I would strip down and walk around the house in the nude and eventually as I got bolder would walk around the yard naked as well. When I was 15 one time the front door bell rang so I peeked to see who it was and it was a UPS driver so I opened the door naked. He looked at me funny and told me he needed an adult signature for a package, then he said obviously your parents aren't home and he would try again later and walked away shaking his head. I said OK and stood there on the front porch until he drove away. That was the first time someone saw me naked outside the house.
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  16. nldn

    nldn Senior Member

    Like you, before my first time in public I would have time naked at home when parents were away, though often this was only for an hour or so. I also would take longer in showers at school after sport than most boys did.
  17. Ic moore

    Ic moore Members

  18. tumbling.dice

    tumbling.dice Visitor

    My first time was on my 0th birthday. I was expelled from the womb and into a room full of complete strangers...totally naked! I was so embarrassed.
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  19. Scarecrow13

    Scarecrow13 Members

    I think it was when I started streaking outside my house in the middle of the night when I was about 17.
  20. Panama Jack

    Panama Jack Members

    That’s a great short story Lily. Glad you carried on with nudity in your home and lifestyle.
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