Your First Nude in Public Experience?

Discussion in 'Nudism, Naturism' started by PhotoDude, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. Melanie_86

    Melanie_86 Member

    the problem I have had with nudity is the perverts. You cannot prevent them. Go to any Sydney Harbour nudist beach (there are four of them) and all you will see are dirty old men. Not a place for families or women at all. My first exp was as a stripper in a pub Lol... long time ago
  2. meeses

    meeses Member

    Melanie_86 ,you will always find some perverts or even gays cruising the beach looking for some adventure. Some beach worst then others and that is why nudism has a bad reputation. I am not shy putting them in their places when the occasion arises. Sad but it is what it is, maybe you could find a reputed resort to go to, those places are well established and expulse anyone with suspicious behavior. I hope that it didn't stop you from enjoying nudism to the fullest.... cheers :sunny:
  3. Amontillado

    Amontillado Member extraordinaire

    That's a scattershot collection of responses, and please forgive me if I pick and choose which ones to reply to.

    No, but if we let images which are carefully selected to show just young women pass by unchallenged, not even commented on, we're accepting that those are the images we expect to see, and not any others. Nudity of that demographic group is exactly what the world has been producing, as "great art" or the most awful porn, for centuries. Do we ever expect a change? Can the idea of a more inclusive selection of models be mentioned at all?

    If that's true, I applaud. But why were only the women shown here?

    Oh, there's a niche for porn featuring older women too. They often call it "grannies" or "mature". The word "market" is well chosen.

    Agreed, but I actually didn't call that picture porn. I just pointed out that the people portrayed were the same group as would be in porn. So if we want young women as beautiful naked athletes, and young women as hot-lesbo-amateur-housewives, is our motivation totally different in seeking them out, or is it just a coincidence? That's what I was trying to get at.

    I wish people with an interest in naturism would speak up more often about the way the textile world depicts nudity, when it does it at all. Cute young women with their clothes off is really same old, same old. We could even say that as far as conventional images go, the one we're seeing is reasonably good. But let's not just silently accept that it's going to be all babes forever.

    It's really another topic, but the picture struck me as really weird because of all these naked women carefully hiding their boobs and their crotches. I must be a crazy naturist, because I have this strange idea that when we're naked, we just let ourselves be, and what shows, shows.
  4. Melanie_86

    Melanie_86 Member

    My friends and I, all girls from my Uni, there are 8 of us, most of them hetero Lol, found a secluded place just outside of Sydney with a beautiful river and no one knows about it, because it is on private property owned by the mother of one of my friends :)
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  5. GardenGuy

    GardenGuy Senior Member

    Melanie, you don't know how many people wish they had a place like that to swim. I am happy for you.
  6. GardenGuy

    GardenGuy Senior Member

    Sorry, I am not tired of that yet!

    The photo was not naturist, it just celebrates nude beauties. Not to worry.
  7. GardenGuy

    GardenGuy Senior Member

    Melanie, in a few hundred years, every beach will be a nude beach and the old men will mind their own business.

    Meanwhile, the nudist clubs offer the most protection from mashers. They don't suffer fools gladly. Sit with them on your next beach outing.
  8. Amontillado

    Amontillado Member extraordinaire

    Well GardenGuy, it seems we have nothing to argue about. You're looking for images of naked women, and maybe if I had my way, you'd have to flip through more pictures of other people which might slow you down a little, but given the way the world works, that probably won't be happening very soon.

    One thing I have to say is, there's a spectrum from wanting to see pictures of naked women, to getting a sexual thrill from it, and then to seeking out that thrill in a physical form, and that's when guys make a nude beach "not a place for families or women at all". I really do see these things as related. If nudity were just commonplace and every beach was a nude beach the way you said, then--well, that's idle fantasy.
  9. GardenGuy

    GardenGuy Senior Member

    You are welcome to post photos of anyone who strikes your fancy. Someone posted a fun photo of young athletes. I liked that particular photo. That's all.

    As for wishing that men would treat women with respect on the beach, that may be a fantasy, but also a rather positive goal, even if we have far to go to reach it. (some areas of the world largely have that level of civility today).
  10. Yes it does :) ... and yes I do love their smiles.

    And while it's true, as someone pointed out, this picture is of female athletes, it's also a picture of young athletes. Just wanted to emphasize that point. Who wants to look at older naked people, you ask? Well, if you're asking that, then I'll bet you're under 30 .. lol. And the answer to the question is ... lots of people!

    In response to some other posts in this thread ... I have never had a problem confusing nudity with pornography. But then, pornography is not something very high on my personal radar, so to me nudity is really a very simple issue. To me, there is nothing more beautiful than the unclothed human body. Male, female, young, old, black, white ... none of that matters.

    I have been to nude beaches (most recently two years ago, when I was 64), and I love them! I love the mix of body types. I love the play of warm sunshine on bare skin. I love the sense of freedom. And yes, I love looking and being looked at.

    I also don't have a problem with sexuality in connection with nudity. I think sexuality is a much broader concept than simply having sex, if you see what I mean. Sexuality is an energy, a feeling of union between human beings, whether or not they physically perform sexual acts.

    I think it's pornography, not sexuality, that should be disassociated from nudity. Pornography is not sexuality, in my mind. I don't know what it is, exactly. But it's not sexuality.
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  11. meeses

    meeses Member

    Melanie_86, You would be surprised to see how many people do the same as you do, just that not everyone is quite as open publicly as some other nudists (me included :) ).Your next step is going to a resort or beach with the group? I hope you do..... you'll be hooked CHEERS :sunny:
  12. 6-eyed shaman

    6-eyed shaman Sock-eye salmon

    Participating in the world naked bike ride was my first. Being gawked at and cheered on by thousands of people as we rode through the city.
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  13. Danabeach12

    Danabeach12 Guest

    My first time going to a nude beach was a week ago at Blacks Beach. I live about an hour away and I could have chickened out several times on the way. It helped to read about etiquette on several naturists sites to better understand what to expect. After climbing down the trail to the beach, I walked North to the volleyball courts. There seemed to be more of the regulars there, so that is where I laid out my towel. I removed my clothes, laid down, and applied sunscreen in the most discrete manner possible.

    After getting comfortable, I started to appreciate the environment I was experiencing: the sun, wind, sand, people of all body types, sound of the waves crashing. While I have been to textile beaches hundreds of times, there was something about being bare that made the experience that much more relaxing.

    After warming up in the sun and seeing other people swimming, I decided "what the heck" and walked into the ocean. What and incredible feeling to swim nude without the constraints of clothing and sand in my board shorts.

    The energy rush I experienced all week at my office job was incredible and I couldn't wait for the weekend.
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  14. z. beeblebrox

    z. beeblebrox Member

    My first nudist experience was with a girl who I met who I knew had that on her bucket list also. We went out on a couple dates just as friends, both with the intent on making sure the other wasn't psycho and was the right person to try this "crazy thing" with (that's what we thought back then! lol) So we got along ok and planned a trip to emerald lake resort in TX.

    We rode together and when we got there we got the rundown on the rules in a very welcoming manner. It felt really genuine and warm. (actually, it WAS warm, it was texas summer!) But then the awkward part came...even though there was probably all of 3 people working there and MAYBE 10 people at the resort, I got a little embarrassed by having to take a brief tour of the facilities fully clothed. lol. People that were close enough to say hi were very nice, but I didn't want to stick out like a sore thumb like that. I'd read online that once you get naked you feel much less like "oh man everybody is staring at me!", and since we HAD to take the tour, and he didn't offer us to take our clothes off, we just had to endure it :/ It was fine though and only lasted 10 minutes.

    We went back to the car and had some small talk while she stood outside the passenger side and me the driver side of my car sorting with towels and our little beach bags and then we looked at each other and laughed outloud. That was the moment I said 3,2,1 jokingly and took off my shirt and she giggled and starting getting undressed. No sweat! We went down to the mini- beach (very mini, like 40 feet) at the lake and although we were both a bit nervous, it was no biggy. We did the standard "don't stare" routine, ESPECIALLY because we weren't ever intimate with each other. We hadn't actually ever even kissed. Nor really had any intention to.

    I was worried about getting turned on and being "that guy" with the boner trying to hide it but that was NOT an issue. To anybody reading this that hasn't done it - it's SORTA the same feeling you get at the Dr's office. It's strictly business. So i kind of actually had the opposite issue, my little guy was scared and looked like i'd just done a polar bear dip. Kinda. Lol. Not that I obsess about size or anything know. Anyway.

    It was a great day. We swam, we kayaked, we layed out in the sun, we went into the hot tub, etc. At no point after the clothed tour did either of us feel embarrassed. We felt comfortable right away really. The feeling was a rush of exhilaration that I finally did it. Also, I was completely hooked.

    The only time my fear of erection in public was there was when we were in the hot tub. We were alone and had been drinking a bit (that helps with your first time, by the way, to have a drink if you're nervous nelly) and we were splashing around a bit, relaxing on the nozzles, giggling about how we couldn't believe we were doing this, and i felt myself loosen up down there (also, it's a hot tub, duh) and I went to get water for both of us and came back and sat down on the edge and when I handed her some water I caught her looking at my twig and berries briefly. I couldn't blame her, I was sitting on the edge so it was eye level. But I started to get *mildly* excited and I realized I was a little bigger than I had been the rest of the day. But that was really my only brush with death at a nudist resort. lol. it passed. We had a great day.

    The worst part of the day was putting clothes back ON. Anybody that has done it would attest to that!
  15. nldn

    nldn Senior Member

    My first time nude with others in public was in a sauna, many years ago.
  16. Naturist Girl

    Naturist Girl Members

    I was 12 yrs old, and we were at a public park. I just got this overwhelming urge to take my clothes off. This urge had come on me before, but I finally decided to just do it. What a rush it was!!!. I felt so free!! My parents are pretty laid back, so didn't really say anything. I hung around outside our camper for a couple hours, and quite a few people saw me. I really liked being naked; but that's when I found out how totally awesome being naked outside is. And with other clothed people seeing me just added to the high. it is a very liberating experience!!
  17. Sunlover1954

    Sunlover1954 Members

    I was 15 and told my parents I was going to exercise (jogging) Knowing full well they would not approve of me being naked in public. I walked/jogged down to a field, peeled off my shirt and jogging shorts and wa la I was naked jogging down to the river. I loved the feeling of the cool air on my body. I smell of the river, the night air and crickets, it was a great experience. That would be the first of many "jogs" I totally agree with the statement a "liberating experience."
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  18. charlie35

    charlie35 Member

    I too was about 12. Whilst having a bath at home (my parents were still up and in the living room) I just wanted to experience being naked outside. I climbed out the bathroom window, went to the end of the drive, and ran up and down the road outside. Yes, so liberating. I did this fairly regularly after that. If a person or car appeared I'd rush to hide, my heart pounding. It was amazing that I was never caught by my parents or anyone else. I think at that age I would have died if I had been. I was about that age when I got addicted to barefooting too. I used to go out for a walk, then remove my shoes once I was a safe distance away. Sometimes I'd hide them behind a hedge or something and collect them later. I'd have had a lot of explaining to do if someone had removed them! All seems so ridiculous now!
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  19. terracotta27

    terracotta27 Member

    I was 14 and went to a vacation house with a friend and his family for a weekend. It was on the shore of a big lake and it was not very populated. We would run down the shoreline and once out of sight of his family we both would strip down and walk around naked. I don't know who had the idea (probably him) but it felt so wonderful, so free, so exuberant. I hated to have to go back and put clothes on. Never forgot that first experience and have shed my clothes whenever I could after that. But it still feels like I am being a naughty boy which I guess makes it be even more fun.
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  20. charlie35

    charlie35 Member

    Yes, once you've learned to get naked and be at ease with it, it's a real downer to have to put clothes back on. It just feels so unnecessary, against what is natural, and a bit ridiculous. Almost like "society" and "decency" are having a laugh at your expense. The rare occasion when I am forced to put shoes on feels even worse.
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