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Discussion in 'The Future' started by jendi17, May 13, 2004.

  1. jendi17

    jendi17 Member

    I think that all of us young hippies need to come forth and start another big hippie movement like back in the 60s!!!!!!
    Our world needs it! Especially at this time in our world!
  2. Jetblack

    Jetblack Senior Member

    i think we should all get lit and jump off buildings
  3. Nathan11

    Nathan11 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Jendi, you are so right. We need to spread the message far and wide. We need to unite for the peace of the world. Especially in this state of war...We really need this. If you'd like to contact me, please do at or IM me on AIM at BePeace11.
  4. Yeah man... The world is ending and I don't want to go down because of some jackasses in the whitehouse.
    Peace&Love man!
  5. uhhh... am I the only one who see's the substance in Jetblack's idea?? Eh? No but really, I'm way to much of a pessimist to see any hope for our generation. It's sad, but I just don't see it as being possible to recreate anything that went on in the 60's. Sure, we can protest and try change stuff, but there's not enough of people that actually believe in it. Most of the kids I know just want to get strung out on coke and have sex. BLECH!
  6. Crush

    Crush Member

    I suppose you should see more intresting people, right? The way you talk about them doesn't convince me they're nice. Go hang with the forum people :D
  7. we dont need a revolution in the summertime, we dont need a revolution anytime. we can prey for the sun let it shine on everyone
  8. sitareric

    sitareric Banned

    if you take the old toaist inner alchemist philosophy, that everything is a reflection of your internal self... set your soul free
  9. Some of us believe that there should be some kind of revolution, and some of us believe there is no hope for such a thing. Some of us feel kind of bad becuase the power of the White House even freaks out some of us living under the general safety of Canada. The thing is, most of the revolutions people talk about sound more like revivals. I think that kind of revolution happened then because it was the right time. Though I wouldn't know anything about that revolution, because I wasn't even remotely alive. Neither were half the people who want it to happen.

    We have to accept it, Jendi, we missed out. We're living in the time of cell phones and pills that make penises bigger... Escalades and lap top computers... you get the picture...They were living in the time of black lights and easy access to blotter sheets, or at least that's what I seem to have collected.......

    Regardless, the times have changed. 76% of the populus would probably shit themselves and die if something happened to their sound financial security.

    By the way, Jetblack, don't be angry at your parents... look into those pills I was just talking about, bro. Everything should be up to check after that.:D

    Anyways, maybe a bunch of you revolutionists should get together and have a little reenactment like the Civil War weirdos do. I'm sure it would be alot of fun, you know, something to do on Friday night with your activist friends and meet cute boys before you have to go BACK TO SCHOOL ON MONDAY!!!

    AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! :mad:
  10. kilted2000

    kilted2000 Member

    I've read plenty of posts like this, but what are you going to do about it? Actions speak louder than words.
  11. Crush

    Crush Member

    So true, A hell lot of people are saying that we need to change stuff, let's do it. I suppose you could start on the internet. That's closest to everyone so....
    Anyone ideas? Make a good site with all the people here and post on every forum possible, make it so people get our message. Open the internet and see our message. Might be an idea
  12. Edward G.

    Edward G. Edwardson

    I love your sig pic Jendi. :D *lick*
  13. misc

    misc Member

    It doesn't matter what we do. The only people that have a say in this world are the people that are getting paid mucho amounts of money and end up lying to us in the end and kill _thousands_ of innocent people.

    We have no voice anymore. Not when innocent muslims are jailed because they are thought to be terrorists. Not when they are not charged with a crime.

    The whole thing is just pure all-american bullshit. Nothing more, nothing less. But us young'ns have NO voice. It's terrible...
  14. NatureFreak412

    NatureFreak412 Art of Balance

    Heres what I think, if we had at least half of the will power and organization they had in the 60s we could make a difference, all it takes is a leader, and some followers, we could take over.... We just need someone to step up and rally the people together, hell I would do it if it wasnt for me being only 16.
  15. grim_rebel

    grim_rebel Member

    We are the future. Whether you like it or not. The only thing we can do is spread a message of love and compassion. Once we become the teachers, politicians, doctors, economists, soldiers and fill every facet of civilisation, only then can we make a difference. Only then can we decide, say, to drop it all. To not go to work and migrate to the forests, to watch nature cover sky-scrapers and deteriorate nuclear reactors.

    I thought about this a while ago, i was trying to persuade my stoner buddies on picking a date in the future when we'd all just quit. Economy would shatter, politics would be rendered useless, borders would disappear (as if invisible lines mean a fucking thing), the earth would rehabilitate itself and the cancer of man will be cured. Cheers.

    Embody that which you want to be. If we live in the assumption that there is no government, there will be no government. Much love.
  16. Crush

    Crush Member

    How can quiting your job help? You'd just be someone who quite his job and goes to live in the forests. It wouldn't help a thing. It'd only help if you would do that with like a few million people all over the world. Else you'd just be someone who quite his job. so....
  17. grim_rebel

    grim_rebel Member

    ...You don't say?????????????????

    Perhaps I need to clarify myself, I meant it in the sense of a LARGE amount of people quitting their jobs. In the range of say, a billion people minimum. Mostly economy-related jobs though, as that would just royally fuck things up. Which is what we want right?

    At that point, it would be in one's best interest to join a militia. :)
  18. Crush

    Crush Member

    Quote: I thought about this a while ago, i was trying to persuade my stoner buddies on picking a date in the future when we'd all just quit

    Uhm how many stoner buddies do you have man! That's a hell lot of stoner buddies :D.
    Anywayz. I don't think that we could change the world by killing economie. They had economie in the 60's too. And in like all the rest of time. It's much better to just try to change it with other ways then quiting along with a billion other people. That would fuck up the world greatly. There would become a great differance like in people who have money and people who don't. And the people with all the money could make an effort out of it. It is just a stupid and way to radical idea. Becuase if there's no economy then WTF you're gonna change. Just change the world in a sublte way. And if a billion people use a subtle way, things will change eventually and it'll all be nice and cool :p
  19. grim_rebel

    grim_rebel Member

    I disagree. I believe a radical change is the only change we can have. Perhaps a couple hundred years ago, a subtle change would have done. But now with the NWO, Bilderburg Group, Trilateral Commission, Bohemian Grove, OPEC-type elitist fucks, a subtle change would give them all they need to enslave mankind through, yes, ECONOMY. You're all fooling yourselves.

    The hippy-movement was never pursued to its full potential and besides, you think the hippy-movement, in regards to that time-period, was SUBTLE??????? During America at its most conservative, you believe the hippy-movement to be subtle? I think it was, if not is, one of the most radical movements of all-time. Why else would it be so notorious (given the perspective).

    I think you misunderstand me once more. There would be no difference in rich and poor, because there would be no rich. 'They' might as well use their money as toilet paper, because no banker will be working, no stockbroker broking, no airline pilot working, what's the point of money in a place where no one recognizes it?

    We're seriously over-working our earth, our population has yet to plateau and we keep raising the amount of food needed. As cynical as you may interpret it, let me lay out the facts:
    1) Say, ten years ago we had 5.5 billion people
    2) To feed the poor, we'd make food for 6 billion people
    3) Now we have <6 billion people
    4) Now we're making food for 7 billion people
    5) Soon we will have 7 billion people
    6) It. Will. Never. Stop.

    Or actually, it will. Sooner or later the Rothschilds will take their place at the top, that is, officially. Money will be electronic and thus give bankers the ability to loan an infinite amount of money. I really can't delve into this a huge amount, I can give you references, hell, i can't even say it will happen. But it's a lot better than saying, "fuck it, let's just take it sloooowly" when all the other shadowy bastards are running it for all its worth.

    Whatever dude, all i'm saying is that a radical change is needed. You say no, I say yes. There's no problem in disagreeing.
  20. Crush

    Crush Member

    I do agree that this world is over-worked. Almost everything is about work and not just work-work. It is like working a lot, trying to be important, getting a good job, making a lot of money. This gives too much stress. You have to do lots of stuff with money to buy a house, or to be sure you have something when you're old, to put you're kids to school. The problem is you have to do this in these times. The problem, I'm totally un-intrested in it. Money is pure evil. It makes people greedy, make them lie and betray, just to have more money. Everything costs money and a hell lot. That sux.

    Crashing the economy might be an idea indeed, but you'll need a lot of people who totally agree with you. And crashing the economy is possible, but not like: let's do this now! Everybody has to be in that state of mind, all must think the same and how will you achief that? If you ask me there's where the subtle stuff get's in. Because if you all go radical, people will see you as something bad and not good, and you want to achief good, right? So we should find a way to change people and let them see how it can be the other way. If they agree, you could go more radical. And actually take action.

    Now I see a lot of people on this forum who already think like :"damn, we have to do something, this is going all wrong!" And there are more of those people, all over the world. So maybe it is time to actually do something. Make up our mind of what we're going to do. Plan it and dot it. Because just talking like:"it has to change' is nice, but if you don't do shit, there's no point talking about it.

    Maybe my time view (or whatever) was wrong. The hippy movement was radical of course. I suppose that protesting in that time was pretty radical. And these days, it's nothing real special. Sorry for my lack of time view (or whatever)

    Everything is going to be electronic, and it is already improtant and it's going to be even more important. So I think we should do something with that. you could do something with the internet. If you begin like a protest group of all the people. Make sure everyone knows of it, by giving the message on the internet, television etc. So people get intrested and read about it, then we will have even more people, don't give them the change to not know about it.

    We need an event to trigger all the people to make up there mind and start protesting and changing all over the world. I suppose we should work on that event.

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