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Discussion in 'The Whiners' started by jendi17, May 13, 2004.

  1. jendi17

    jendi17 Member

    I think all of us young hippies need to come forth and start another big hippie movement like back in the 60s! Our world definitely needs it now!
  2. Peace

    Peace In complete harmony.


    A thread like this has already been started here. Enjoy :)
  3. Orsino

    Orsino Member

    yeah... whatever.
  4. yup! im gonna change the world, i know it, cause i have to or else,what will this world come too??
  5. sila

    sila Member

    It seems there is a new post like this every week.

    I do agree with you and I don't mean to be negative but just stating the fact we need to do something has so far gone nowhere. If anyone has any solid ideas I would love to hear them.
  6. Dark Star

    Dark Star Member

    ok the only problem with this topic is that its been talked a billion of times and the only real response youll get is "its 2004 get out of the 60's and look to the future" thats all your gonna hear. so its cool...just look to the future and you are so its good :) love is is coming to us all.. hahaha csny
  7. VanAstral

    VanAstral Member

    when this topic halts, then there'll be trouble.
  8. well if any of you really want to do anything start something like start with your family like start recycleing or something try to find ways to wast less there you go some idas how about write to the goverment about things you want changed you can even write to company abou things you don't like or call do whatever you can I don't do anything because I am shy but that not the only reson but because don't know where and how to start but will be trying to start doing something soon. Ann
  9. Orsino

    Orsino Member

    Well, unfortunately, I don't want to slit my wrists. If I was forced to commit suicide it would have to be by like... hmmm.... damn. I can't think of anything but guns, but I don't like guns a whole lot. Ok... should I take it in the chest or the head, because if I take it in the head... I don't know. Anywho, why don't you slit your wrists and i'll sit here and think it over. lmao.
  10. We need to stop and listen to that sound and know that on earth is going down!

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