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Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by Newbie, May 19, 2004.

  1. Newbie

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    OMFG.. i love being paranoid when i'm high lol. one time we smoked a blunt a piece, and there were 5 of us. and i'm still a newbie at smoking so i was out. and then we went in a watched TV and house of a 1000 corpses was on. and it was on a scary part and i freaked out and thought i would die.. what about you guys?
  2. bertrose

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    lol,, i duno, i don't like the feeling that ur on the urge of

    However my frist time smoking, i took about 5 hits of this really stong shit, and i was soooo inside of myself, that i thought that the music i was listening to was getting more and more silent and my eyes were closing, and if thought if they stayed close that i would be dead...but it turned out to be a nice little high...the second time, it kinda felt the same, but i remembere that no one has died from the high became enjoyable after that.

  3. If the question is whether I trip from weed or not, the answer is no. I do like tripping with some shrooms though.

    I didn't like House of 1000 Corpses, I just rented it because I knew Rob Zombie directed it. You know that really hot blonde girl is his wife? I forgot her name, but she is the crazy daughter.
  4. Velouria

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    I used to get so paranoid back when I first started smoking. Now I am not paranoid enough. All my friends will be worried about getting caught and stuff and I'm the one telling everyone to chill.
  5. I've gotten to the point where I'm not paranoid at all. I don't really care if I get caught by my parents/other adults anymore cause I don't believe that it's wrong. I think drinking and smoking cigarrettes is so much worse for you than smoking weed... but of course those are legal. And when you don't care as much about getting caught, you don't act paranoid or as high, so your chances of getting caught are less.
  6. bertrose

    bertrose Member

    Yeah, i guess the more u smoke and the more ur tolerance goes up, the less paranoid u get when ur high. If u do get paranoid and anxiety like when u smoke, i don't think u should be smoking...its all about feeling good...

  7. Dude, I watched House of the Dead when I was at this random kids house and we had just smoked this white pot so I was so fucked. The movie was HORRIBLE, the whole story was about this rave on an island, what the hell is that? But everyone kept jumping because it was like a thriller movie and anytime anything freaky happened I just laughed and laughed because it seemed so ridiculous. Good times. Was this off topic? I don't even know what the topic is...
  8. I remember the first time I smoked pot, haha. I used to be anti-pot, and I had a good friend named Lauren that I went to school with, and she smoked, and I would get on her case about it. She graduated my freshmen year.

    So my friend Mary and I sat down one day for the big moment (it was her first time too), we lit up, and we didn't feel anything at all. We were pretty bummed out. I was sputtering and coughing to the the point that I couldn't even move. I kept on going though, I was determined.

    Suddenly, BAM! My whole world of what is and what isn't just slowly melted away, it hit me like a train. Those that say nobody gets high the first time are liars, because, boy, was I high that first time.

    My friend wasn't high, but I think she had a wonderful time just watching me buzz around the house anyways. Suddenly, Lauren popped into my head; it had been weeks, but I picked up the phone and called her.

    She was surprised to hear from me, and after 5 minutes into the conversation, she said, "Wait a minute, are you high?!" Before I could even answer, she started doing that crazy laugh she does, she so knew. Then she put her friend on the phone, and her friend said, "What if I called the cops? Does that make you nervous?" It did, even though I said it didn't.

    Lauren and I talked a little more after that, and laughed like we never laughed before. Now, every Saturday, and I mean every Saturday, it's Lauren and I, and we have a good time over a bong and a basket of munchies.
  9. i remember the first time (and hopefully last time) i got really paranoid from weed. i was at this beach house with my friend, and it was this town we were totally unfamilure we decided to go for a walk? bad idea. we saw this person in all black walking behind us, and we just assumed he was going to kill us/rape us and whatnot. so we ran like crazy back to the beach house. i almost threw up i was so scared. lol it was horrible.
  10. porkstock41

    porkstock41 stay positive and love your life ~311

    i've been smoking for about 5 years, and i get more paranoid now than i ever did before. that's because i've been in trouble a few times and really can't afford to get caught again. it's kind of a buzz kill. last night for instance, i was really high, driving around with my girlfriend. we didn't have anything to do, so we were going to go swing at a park. on our way over, we saw cops and both got really scared. since the park closes at night, we ended up not going. cops in my town are dicks. i live in a really small town, so they have nothing better to do than bust kids for smoking and drinking. and since i've been in trouble before, they don't like me.

    when i first started smoking though, i would get paranoid that my heart was going to explode or something. i would get SO high.

    two different kinds of paranoid.

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