you never see the window

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Fierce_Flawless, May 27, 2004.

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    you see the view beyond the window,
    the dirt on the window
    but never the window itself
    you thought you knew me, didn't you?
    you saw what you chose to see
    and decided when you did
    and when you didn't want me
    you thought you knew
    you thought you had the right
    point of view

    but i am clear
    like water
    like light
    like air
    you said you knew why
    you said you knew where
    but you just speculated
    just like everybody else
    saw the view beyond the window
    never the window itself
  2. roly

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    i like, i like, i like, its a feeling everyones felt.....well i have!
  3. littleskinny

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    yup know exactly what you mean....and we've all had it done to us, and done it to other's ourselves.

    Forcing potential on others is an interesting human charcteristic.

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