You have license to be who you want to be

Discussion in 'Philosophy and Religion' started by Sebbi, Aug 20, 2005.

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    The great wheels turn and a new year is upon us - it better be good - God has a lot to make up for.

    I feel unhappy and I think - I deserve better than this.

    We live in a world that creates excess and deficincy. I was caught in an area un deficincy - bad luck. Those who find themselves in a similar situation, in my opinion have a duty to fight for their place in the world, thus knocking down the cruxes of those who are "on high". Bastards.

    Such a move would be, indeed very positive - those who have it become those who had it and lost it, and suddenly they begin to appriciate their own existance. When you haven't got anymore to loose you appriciate life. You're eyes glow because you have eternal license to do whatever the hell you want with your life - no-one can stop you, and no-one is in their rights to.

    Imagine if everyone did what they liked - no-one would feel servile - no-one would feel the need to build great big towering walls to hide behind. FOR THE SAKE OF ALL CREATION, FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS.

    Become the change you wish to see in the world.

    Stop praying - God doesn't exist or care, and if he does he works through those who have realised this and decided to build paradise on earth. A paradox - yes - but it makes sense doesn't it.

    God is not on high, god is within us. We are the middle children of history gentlemen, let's make the most of our existance while we still can.

    Kali Goddess of destruction, sitrs.

    We live in a world of meanlessness, simply for the sake of our great big walls. Remember everyone is scared of everyone, so just break a wall.

    Break a silence.

    Tell someone you love that you love them - consequences irrelevant - pieces can be picked up.

    This is the most liberating thing I can tell you. Either that or just be happy - don't worry about cost - it's smaller than you imagine and the world has ways of sorting out your mistakes.

    You have license to feel what you feel and it's no longer criminal. No-one will sanction you, and if they do fuck them, they don't have to understand you and they don't appriciate honesty.

    If what I'm saying rings true don't just read and agree - do something about it.
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    Great post:)

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