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Discussion in 'Bare It! Nudism and Naturism' started by charredacacia, Jun 3, 2004.

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    not really about baring it (though i was mostly unclothed at the time) but i figured this would be the place where people would appreciate this the most..

    A thunderstorm came through today, at the end of school. Seeing the rain fall excited me greatly. Most people huddled inside to keep out of the monsoon like downpour, but I, being that which I am, headed for the courtyard.

    I danced through the pools of water, and raised my hands and face toward the sky. The water soaked my hair, cascaded off of my face onto my naked shoulders. I was one with the clouds. I was one with the spirit. I was one with the universe. And for a time, however brief, I was not just content, but happy.

    Though only myself and a few of my fellow freaks danced out in the rain, I felt the least alone I have felt in a long time.

    That, I believe is what my problem is. I'm not depressed, I am just alone, solitary or not. Being alone for months at a time is depressing, so I often feel depressed. Even with my friends, save two or three of them, I feel very alone.

    The desolation comes in waves, and like waves, it is always there, it is just more at times. The last few days had been one of these times, and the next few might be as muchso.

    I suppose that is all I have to say for now...
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    When I was out in the country at band camp, it rained heavy the last day. Everyone was waiting by a shelter but a few of use went out on the grass shirtless and barefooted. We ran through the grass which was soaked and had large thin puddles. We would run as fast as we could and then slide barefoot on the grass for quite a distance. You can hydroplane on soaked grass almost like barefoot waterskiing. It was pretty funny. :)
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    I used to do that when I was younger and didn't sweat as much or have as much hair. Now I can't stand being wet. :p
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    I have seven words for you:

    I am not kidding. If you like the kind of feeling you just described, and you're having loneliness problems, skydiving will benefit you greatly. (You have to be 18 or over: are you?)

    There is nothing in the world like the feeling of freefalling through the sky -- they call it "body flying" when you get good at it. (Surprisingly, it is not an intuitive thing, and it takes practice to be good at controlling your body position in freefall. I've only just begun learning, with 80 jumps!) Then when the freefall is done, you get the canopy flight (which lasts longer than the freefall) which is a blast -- bright colored nylon above you, and sky sky sky all around! Often your friends are right nearby, too, and you can play follow-the-leader games with them, and shout hellos to each other.

    After college, when I spent a while living with my parents, I was home alone one night and they were away. We had the most severe thunderstorm I had ever experienced (and I've seen only a couple more that were anything like it, but I had to move to Florida to see them)! The bulk of the storm apparently went right over the top of our house, and the lightning/thunder were timed together -- no time delay. The lightning was first off in one direction, then off in another direction only about three or four seconds later! Rapid-fire!

    I decided that this was a very auspicious time, even though I'm not what I would call superstitious. I have my moments, though. I decided that I needed to commune with the storm.

    So I took off every stitch of clothing I was wearing; my watch; some bracelets I wore; a necklace I wore; I even took out my silver hoop earring that I never take out. I knew that I wanted to be perfectly naked, like when I was born, with absolutely nothing worn that wasn't part of me.

    So I went out into the chilly rain, which pounded down from above with tremendous droplets that felt like dimes hitting me. In moments I was soaked. I stood out on my front lawn, there at about 1 a.m., in the dark, bathed in the beautiful thunderstorm's rain and light and sound, and counted slowly to 60. For some reason, I wanted to know that I had spent some milestone amount of time out there -- I needed to know that I had spent at least a full minute or more in the rain. I stood with arms outstretched to the sky, and my head thrown back, and felt the storm, and counted.

    When I had done my minute of making love with the storm (yes, I had become excited by it), I went back into the house feeling sort of transformed. It was probably because I had given in to a rather odd and radical impulse on a whim, rather than saying, "Nah," when the thought occurred to me to do it. I felt wetter than I had ever felt. I really felt that somehow I was more soaked than I could have been if I'd been swimming underwater. It was odd.

    I haven't had the opportunity to be that fully naked again. Maybe I don't want to; maybe I want that time to remain unique and therefore special. One thing is for sure, though, and that is I probably won't ever forget it.

    Blue skies,
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    That's beautiful :)

    I've always loved storms too. One time when I was about seven a storm broke over the school yard during break. I remember so vividly that all the other kids cowered while I just stood blissfully content alone in the middle of the yard, wondering what their problem was. :)

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    I got real brave one night, about 2:30 a.m., and went outside and stood on the patio naked in the rain. It was wonderful.
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    I love whenever it rains. I like dancing nude or clothed either one in it. It cools me off either way and i feel free. It rocks :)
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    I have to totally agree with you on both!! :hurray:

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