You are Pope!

Discussion in 'Philosophy and Religion' started by FreakerSoup, May 4, 2007.

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    cool site. i could give a rat about being pope though. but cool, fun, interesting site. what i've seen of it so far. hmmm, i may actually know helvitica or someone who goes by that, well not all that personaly or well, and i do know, or have run into on multiple and rather odd times in my life someone who goes by travis-t, and is a little older then my own age, and calls his sydication cabal news services, though it would probably be one of those hellofa coincidences if this site was actualy him. (who actualy did a call in show he started many decades ago, before the neocons took over and desicrated that genre, from my dad's basement, in a company house, in a railroad town, that isn't there anymore. er, i mean ONE time, not all the time.).

    pope indeed. forsooth.

    oh hail blessed eris. i always wondered if that guy with the print shop was the same guy. (i) never was worth a dam with faces. (sure did have a bunch of wierd records on his wall, quite and interesting button collection too, and brother anthony was HIS effing apprentice too)


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