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  1. jaredfelix

    jaredfelix Namaste ॐ

    Susquehanna rail trail, anyone tryin to chill tomorrow?
  2. Most of my friends from lanc were actually from Philly (or surrounding areas) or from Jersey... a lot of ppl from those places actually move to Lanc.

    Idk... Lanc just has more of a decent downtown with some things to do.. nicer market than York..nicer restaurants and parks etc.
    York just doesn't have a whole lot and I get kinda a depressing repression vibe from York county.

    You ever (or anyone here) ever go hike up chiques rock? I used to chill there all the time.

    anyways.. to the poster above me...busy this w.end here but I'll def ride on the rail trail if people are gonna go sometime. :sunny:
  3. creampie00

    creampie00 If you can't DODGE it....RAM it!

    had to get out of Philthy! My who family got out, now I finally did. There's so much crime, now here in east bumble fuck, I leave my car doors unlocked, sometimes the house door too, not much riff raff in this neighborhood. Lancaster city is very cool, check it out on the first Friday of every month, awesome. York seems a little "shut down", alot of businesses closed up and whatnot so i see what you mean. I've not been to chiques rock, where is it?? what do you do there?:)
  4. Toddly

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    Im in Lancaster and have been looking for the heads of Lancaster since I got back to chill, go to shows etc. Seriously Im dying I need to chill with kewl people. Railroad Earth comes to the Chameleon on the 20th I believe. Check out this pic of Brownie and me so you know Im cool lol
  5. DreaddieGirl

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    Someone come rescue me from Lancaster!
  6. Toddly

    Toddly Guest

    pm me dreaddiegirl!
  7. madman32x

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    I'm up in Luzerne county... boring here :/
  8. SweetVibes

    SweetVibes Guest

    live music, festy lovin', Lancaster living member here up for chat
  9. foghat1955

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    PM me dreadiegirl
  10. Catcher

    Catcher Member

    I'm right there at the river. Would love to meet up.
  11. Catcher

    Catcher Member

    I'm in Columbia. Let's make it happen

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