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Discussion in 'Yoga and Meditation' started by neckienoo, May 10, 2004.

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    I have taken hatha yoga class several times. It always makes my head pound! I know there are other types of yoga; could someone give me some info on them? Also, I love to meditate are there any herbal supplements that could deepen my meditation?
  2. headaches tend to indicate pranic blockages(if no physical/mental cause can be discovered) and if not too severe they can be worked through... if you choose, continuation may not only find you free of headache, but much more purified than you may realize. are you trying to find different methids to avoid the ache? i think it means you are definitly affecting yourself with whatever techniques/exercises you do... proof, yup.
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    Try not to do yoga after eating. Make sure you are drinking enough water and that you are breating enough durring yoru practice. I get kinda dizzy in yoga when I am over tired or something like that. I find my aches are more from what I have doen rather then from the yoga itself. YOu may also want to try reflexology.
  4. Your energy might be trying to push past your third eye into your crown.There's so many possibilities to the source! Massage your temples and blink your eyes!!! :)
    Faces don't hurt to smile, but damn, sometimes the last mile....
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    You do not need herbal instead you need to prepare you for yoga and meditation.

    Check your posture as if you are meditating and you do not check your shoulders you will end up with a wicked headache coming out of mediation. If your shoulders are not squared and your neck is not in natural pose, means chin slightly down but neck still straight..... then you will get a headache. It blocks the chakras.

    You also need to not have any intake of liquid or solids for at least 2 hours prior to yoga. On completeing a class you need to replenish elecotrolytes lost during exercise with water and a fruit juice/veggie dilute. Half water and half veggie and or fruit. Aviod sugar and caffine for at least an hour after a class.

    If you have a headache then suck on spearmint leaves right after class followed by at least 10 oz of water. If your headache still persits then use the rag doll pose and then the child. Follow that with 8 oz of water and the corpse for at least 30 minutes.
  6. Personally I get the sensation ocasionally and I can get rid of acheheads up into my crown by pushing my eyebrows up.
    Simply simple.
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    The best yoga oriented herbal suppliments include these:

    Reishi Mushroom - straight, no admixtures,
    Brahmi/ashwagandha combo,
    Chayavanprash Tonic - Especially Maharishi Ayurved brand (Pricey)

    I can't think of any others which are tonic for most everyone. Use mild doses of each and take for a period of months.

    As said above, before hatha yoga one should have a light body, meaning no food for two hours before, void extremities, and no alcohol, or other mind altering drugs, except for coffee or tea.

    Symptoms of headache can be some muscular or skeletal stresses or tensions. Maybe a chiropractor or rolfer or reiki person can help balance the body and facilitate your practice.

    Many other factors can be present like maybe the practice space is unhealthy or the light there strikes you in a bad way. You can easily get a book and go at your own pace. Maybe if they use music it also is disharmonious. Could really be anything.

    For hatha yoga I recommend the book "Yoga - The Iyengar Way" by the family Mehta. Take it slow.
  8. neckienoo

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    thank you all for your advice

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