Yoga for Speech Disorder

Discussion in 'Yoga and Meditation' started by rockys, Jul 14, 2013.

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    Is there any type of yoga where speech disorders can be improved. I have heard of some breathing exercises but want to know in detail
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    I would think such techniques as Transcendental Meditation would be good. 20 minutes 2x a day of mantra meditation. It is a technique which settles the mind, body, respiration, and improves focus.

    I doubt seriously that physical yogas such as hatha, and pranayama will help much. I doubt also silent Buddhist meditations will help much. TM is good for physical results, unlike most meditation and yogic practices. The gist of which is that most yoga practices are uncertain, lead to benefits, but not really specific ones. But TM has lots of studies (some of which may be true) which show health benefits.

    I would imagine that if one exercises the muscles affecting speech and the face and neck, posture and so on one can increase their mind/body coordination. Much of the rest of what I would say would be just guesswork. But you may need to define for yourself or for the subject the exercises which help and make them a program, much like a course of physical therapy.

    Perhaps some repetitive and slightly hypnotical mantra chanted for several minutes each day, perhaps to Goddess of Speech Saraswati could benefit? This is yoga here, not science. So why not? Chanting has helped me with more tenuous topics.

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