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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by eeryriayscholzara, Jan 23, 2005.

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    *Sigh* Here we go again. Have you ever promised yourself that you weren't going to do something, and then someone (or several someones) bothered you incessently about it until you finally just couldn't take it anymore and gave in? Ok. So that's not how this started. That does sometimes seem to be the story of my life, though...hmm...
    Anyway. I guess I'm just another woman, looking around the world and wondering where to go. I think I'm kind of finding my way; I'm at a wonderful institute that will open hundreds of doors for me - and all I have to do is graduate. That will take some doing, however. Caltech is certainly not known for its light classload and easy courses. I finally...well...I can't say corrected...the last four years of mistakes...because I didn't really make any true mistakes. Sure, there are things I regret. But. If I hadn't made those choices, I'd be a different person today, and...I kind of like where I am right now. Hell...I love where I am right now. Hehehe...have you ever spent a long time thinking you wanted one thing, and searching high and low for it, never realizing that it was right behind you all the time? Mmmmm...I finally found what I always is a good feeling.
    I've been reading posts here for about a month now; a good friend of mine is...almost a regular...and he suggested that I check it out. I did, and I've really enjoyed what I've read. And oftentimes, wanted to reply. So. Here I am!
    I suppose you'll hear more from me later...sometime...between homework sets...*sigh*...
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    hullo, hope you have fun here, welcome to hip forums...
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    [​IMG] hello & welcome [​IMG]
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    So nobody pestered you about the site, but rather, somebody presented it? Hmm. Such a familiar name...where did you get it if you don't mind my asking? I created mine out of thin air...or thin thought perhaps. You seem to have some deep connection with my mind...hmm I wonder what it means. We do seem to think a lot alike...and I'll certainly agree that times are great right now.

    I know a woman at Caltech! She is very beautiful, both inside and out. Tall, slender, long legs...oh my what wonderful long legs she has!...long, black hair(okay, so it's really brown/red), long arms that're great for embracing(yeah...she's a lot of long...and it is wonderful). She has a smile like a cool moon on a summers night, a nose never manages to be in the way of... , eyes like:

    Hold on
    It’s time for a ride
    Time for a wordless goodbye
    In we, we confide
    While hearts so softly sigh

    Let be flooding eyes
    Build oceans for that sea-world
    Hie to liquid skies
    Soak flaring starlight unfurled

    Hold me
    For an endless time
    Leave the spectators unseen
    Eyes revolve like rhyme
    Touch to daunt that mossy green

    and the most adorable laughs and sounds these ears have ever known. I don't know if you've seen her, but if you have, would you kiss her hand for me? If you've seen her, I'm not so sure you'd think of her as I've described, but your oppinion doesn't count on this one, so nener nener nener! hehe

    I absolutely love your writing by the all seems so...harmonious or in-tune or something like that...fabulous poetry.


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