YES! got some:) Help! please.

Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by hebrewnational00, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. hebrewnational00

    hebrewnational00 Senior Member

    JJ got some cid today, he doesnt kno whats better, sugar cube or blotter acid??
    each hit of the cid JJ is buying is 10 bucks. JJ is getting 2 hits, jjs freinds dad got it from some old hippy that said the stuff was strong and good, so jj believes the stuff is good, jj has experiances high quality marijuana in large doeses, hard good/bad mushroom trip, and thats about it, what do u suggest jj should start out with?! half a hit or one hit or two hits?! and what is some advice u could give jj?!
  2. MountainMike

    MountainMike Member

    i would take one hit. then about an hour to two hours after, if you decide that it isnt enough, take the other hit.
  3. Hemisphere

    Hemisphere Member

    Agreed. I would say at least an hour and a half though, because it can take some people almost an hour to come up, and the trip would have barely started at 1 hour.
  4. hebrewnational00

    hebrewnational00 Senior Member

    what could is easier to keep for a longer time, blotter or sugar cube and how could JJ keep it without it messin up, ALSO is there a better chance of havin a good trip if JJ only takes one hit, (basicly what im tryinng to ask is, is the trip usually better on lower doses, is it easier to keep it good on lower doses?)
  5. tripoli

    tripoli Member

    If you've never done it, the lower dose strategy is best, especially since you don't know the strength of the product.

    I can't tell you which type is best - I've only done blotter and, once, little gell pills (those were the best).

    Be mindful of your set and setting.

    I usually rent out some good videos and break out the drawing pens and paper.

    A little beer is good, for me, to help with the come-down, but stay away from hard liquer - repeat - stay away from booze.

    Among other things, acid makes you emotional and empathetic, and the booze kind of compounds that feeling and usually not in a good way.

    Set aside a block of about eight hours where you know you will be safe and nobody will bug you.

    Night time is usually best.
  6. hebrewnational00

    hebrewnational00 Senior Member

    jj got one of each, blotter and sugar cube, he said the stuff looks lagit, he said the blotter has a picture of a cartoon from the band gorillas on it:)

    he got it in tin foil, and it was all fucked up so jj transfered it to a fresh peice of tin foil, that shouldnt effect jj's acid correct?

    who ever jj got it from said it might b strong, so jj is thinking of taking half a hit to begin with, is that a good move?!

    thanks peace.
  7. Willy_Wonka_27

    Willy_Wonka_27 Surrender to the Flow

    take one not half!!! whats the point of taking it if your not going to really feel it?
  8. Stand.

    Stand. Member

    Yes, take one. You have no idea how hard acid will effect you. Since you've never done it before, it's impossible to understand the way uncomfortable environments or tiny fears can be manifested. It's best to understand how acid works with a low dose, then move up higher.
  9. hebrewnational00

    hebrewnational00 Senior Member

    if its strong wouldnt half b enough to begin with?!!!! i mean i dont wana b real fucked up on my first acid experiacne i dont want it to b too intesne i want it to b chill, just to see what the "acid world" is like:)

    peace and love brothas.
  10. Stand.

    Stand. Member

    I would suggest taking one. SWIM did two his first time and it blew him apart, he lost all sense of reality. He thinks one would be just right for a play in the water. But, if you feel more comfortable starting with half, do so. It all comes down to what you want to do, just make sure your 100% comfortable with everything, even your dose.
  11. MeatWagon499

    MeatWagon499 Senior Member

    take a heroic dose with a good friend. i did 10 my first time. depends on potency. i did trip for 3 days so be prepared to ride the snake
  12. Stand.

    Stand. Member

    3 days? Are you sure it was LSD? Sounds like an RC/DOx to me. I've known people to dose 1.5mg (1500mics) and only go for 14 hours.
  13. Nitrusx

    Nitrusx Banned

    jj should take 2 hits.
  14. hebrewnational00

    hebrewnational00 Senior Member

    idk jj is a little shakee about psychadelics b/c jjs last mushrooms trip was terrible, i think he will feel comfterble with half to just get the feel, and then jj will have 1.5 more htis left for his seconds lsd experiance, and if jj really wants he could buy more from the old hippy dude, so i think hes FUCKSIN wit half a hit.

    hahaha thanks for helpin jj out.
  15. alchemist357

    alchemist357 Member

    Personally, I would take the liquid right from the dropper. its best that way and it hasnt been handled at all or weakened by other substances ie. Sugar, Sweet-Tarts. I've Taken drops straight to the head for my first time and held them there under my tongue for about 5 minutes. Yes it was Intense, but overall the way to go. Just my opinion and quote, "Go all out, or go home". If you are planning on putting drops on anything i suggest Smarties candies. You know the little things that look like sweet-tarts but arent. Perfect to hold a single drop and they disintegrate easily when you put it under your tongue. And they dont have much sugar.
  16. hebrewnational00

    hebrewnational00 Senior Member

    ALSO jj is wondering about ending the trip early, and how does that work, jj heard you could buy something like excedrin or some pill that will end or calm the trip incase it goes bad, please help jj with goin about that idea.
  17. MeatWagon499

    MeatWagon499 Senior Member

    the most of it was over 12 hours or so but i kept hallucinating when id smoke weed it just wouldnt stop lol. most of my acid trips lasted rediculously long times and were all from different sources.
  18. hebrewnational00

    hebrewnational00 Senior Member

    i kno i kno, but like some ppl go crazy and go to the hospital and the nurses or doctors give them like excedrin or somethin like that, maybe some sort of vitamin that will either calm the inensity of the trip a lot, or just stop the trip completely ive heard that happen b4 several times, but i forgot what kind of medicine, or tablet, i should take to go about that..i just wanna b on the SAFE SIDE. when i had the bad mushroom trip, i was gettin bad vibes from the mushrooms even b4 i ate them, i had a feeling they would fuck me up bad...but with the L, im having a real good feeling.
  19. Stand.

    Stand. Member

    ooh yeah smoking weed would explain that lol

    most reports of suicides and hospitilisations from LSD was propaganda from the 60s.
    yeah, you can take naicin acid (vitamin b3) to abort or calm down the trip. just do a CNTRL+F for 'niacin' on these links and you can read about it:

    otherwise a good benzo or something to put you to sleep. but really, on half a tab it wont be hard to get through if things go bad.
  20. mr.morrison

    mr.morrison Senior Member

    how about 2 hits? i havnt done shrooms or anything but the last cid this guy had wasnt very strong so i was thinking 2 hits and im guerenteed a trip. i want it to be memorable. also does blotter have to be stored someplace cold. say i got it monday and kept it in a ps2 game case. its chilly in my room so it shouldnt destroy the acid by that saturday right?

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