Yellow Sagging Leaves Problems

Discussion in 'Cannabis Pests and Problems' started by azezal, Apr 7, 2007.

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    Hi. I really need help with this issue. I have 17 mixed plants. Half of them are Lowryders. I am 16 days into the grow and half of the plants are experiencing problems with yellow sagging leaves.

    This started after I used miracle grow on day 9. I know it was early and before day 9 I have been over-watering them. Since day 9 though I have let the soil dry up and have not added any nutrients since. But now half of the plants have sagging leaves, even though I watered them yesterday and the bottom leaves are mostly yellow.

    I have checked the PH level. It is 7. They are under 24hr 600W Growlux lamp. The plants with the sagging are mostly tall but skinny. Some leaves have yellow dots others have turned light brown and are falling off. Please help. Thanks in advance.
  2. ok im no expert or anything, but what it sounds like is some major nutrient burn and overwatering......what i would suggest from previous things i have read is that you should try and flush the soil with alot of water, to get the abundance of nutrients out, and then let them dry out......i hope this kinda helps
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    Need some pics to really tell anything.

    Offhand too much MG and overwatering. Learn to judge watering by either the weight of the pot or the lower foliage drooping.

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    Your plants are too young to be giving them nutrients of any kind, especially something as strong as miraclegro. If you have to add anything, go with something more sensitive at that stage like worm castings.

    You may need to flush your soil to get all of the miraclegro out.

    Overwatering/nuting killed my first crop, so be very careful of that. Like Bill said, you should try and get a feel for how heavy your pots are, both watered and not. But if you can't, just stick your index finger about two inches into the soil, if it feels moist -- don't water them. If it feels dry, give them some :)

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