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Discussion in 'Communal Living' started by oldwolf, May 8, 2004.

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    O lucky us - really - at least we still have a forum with hopefully all the old faces coming back -
    And for us old farts, ah a new learning curve we need all the help we can get to keep us out of our ruts !


    We enhance the quality of Existence
    We fulfill our potential in a manner beneficial to All
    We seek Full Awareness, Total Cooperation
    and Complete Union with our GodSelf

    Surrounded by Love........ Mind Creates the concept
    Full of Love....................Desire provides the motivation
    Channels of Love.............Doing is the test
    One with Love

    Life is an opportunity and becomes what you make of it

    May the Light of Love ever Guide your Way
    Grow on ... Enjoy !

    Peace Blessings

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    Always good to hear from you oldwolf

    wishing you well:)

    Song of the Hollow

    Why did you come here Aireal asked again
    That was the second time so this I gave some thought
    This can only be answered in reflection I conclude

    The summer solstice five lives touched mine
    And the hollow welcomed us all
    She watched us gather that dead wood
    “Over our heads” I said “arms extended”
    Cornelius’s trick
    the best way to carry a log
    But it made Joe sick
    He is human
    He is alive
    He is me

    Young wolf kept the pace
    Young and proud of 24 years
    Proud of the Hollow
    Proud of his father
    Destined to change this world

    Moving Cloud may have gathered more wood than all of us
    She would disappear into the trees
    When we could not hear the frogs’ song
    She stayed behind and asked them why
    And they answered

    Oldwolf always working his machines
    On his tractor
    Under his straw hat
    He cleared us a path and mowed the meadow
    The old farmer he never got to be
    Not yet

    Lying in the grass
    Moving Cloud spoke to me
    And I understood
    Aireal soon joined us
    Than Young wolf and Joe
    Best friends they are

    We all shared our stories
    Aireal entranced us
    As always

    Oldwolf broke that trance when the tractor met the old truck
    Up jumped Joe to save him

    But no worries here

    Oldwolf is too old a fool
    He knows too many tricks
    Under the gruff of his round face
    There are no worries
    Only the wrinkles of his smile

    There were no heavy hearts in the hollow
    She watched
    And she knew this
    We could feel her cries of joy
    Welcome home!

    Young wolf made the fire
    Tribal council style
    He read it in a book
    Aireal and Oldwolf teased
    We all joined in
    Moving Cloud stepped in to keep the fire lit
    She had no book
    We teased
    We loved him

    Moving Cloud played her fiddle
    Joe sang an Irish shanty
    Off key
    A slight shake in his voice
    I will always remember his song
    In my darkest hours

    Me and Young wolf danced a jig
    We spun each other until we could not stand
    We laughed

    Moving Cloud could play that fiddle!

    We talked under a red sky
    And she listened

    Later, Moving Cloud introduced me to her fiddle
    Long have I waited to make those first sounds

    She absorbed those sounds
    Stored them away for another day

    When all is quiet
    And everyone gone
    Maybe she will bring them out
    Along with our laughter
    And whisper this on an eastern wind
    To reach us in our own space
    And remind us
    She will always be there

    Some day I will return and play that hollow a song
    And kiss those five souls that shared the summer solstice with me
    Then I will know why I came
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    -O lucky us - really - at least we still have a forum with hopefully all the old faces coming back -
    And for us old farts, ah a new learning curve we need all the help we can get to keep us out of our ruts !-

    Hey oldwolf, I think I kept going straight at the learning curve!

    peace and Love


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