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Discussion in 'Art' started by Unkle_John, Jun 19, 2006.

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    Anyone here do yard art?
    Now i'm not talking about pink flamingos and gazing balls (but those are pretty cool too). I'm talking about sculptures you make to put in your yard amung the vegitation. At the last place my wife and I lived, I made a bowling ball garden (sadly I had to sell all but one of the bowling balls, would you move them across state? there was 37 of them!) and bottle trees (which I recycled the bottles that the new owners didn't want to keep). I wish I had pics of the garden (I just have a bowling ball ring) or the bottle tree. But I do plan on creating some more in the future.

    Currently I have a few "found art" sculptures, a few plow blades and rods bolted together to make a sunflower or two, a found metal horse painted silver, a few cement skulls I cast years ago and what-not litter... er..enhance my backyard. It's just a small step for me in this new place, but in a few years it will be built up like the old place. Enjoy the photos:

    Old house:
    Bowling ball ring

    If you have ghosts, then you have everything.
  2. Unkle_John

    Unkle_John Member

    New House:
    Tractor blade sunflower

    Hi-Ho Silver!

    Cement skulls, being grateful

    Bowling ball gazing ball.
  3. What about doing a mosaic with some old tiles? Break them up or you can get some rocks from around the yard or whateva. Small ones prolly....or try and make somethin with rocks like a little tower of rocks. I have one of them in my backyard. The tiles can be broken up and made into stepping stones or just go and get some big stones that are flat on one side and dig into the ground a little bit and bury the stone so it makes steps if you have any part of your yard that runs down.......like a hill or whateva. I also have one of them in my backyard. I used rocks from around the town that I came across and from friends and relatives houses to that were unwanted. I also searched the neighboring riverbanks and even in the woods near my house.
    I also took some old pieces of wood and painted Love St. and Peace Ave. or whateva you want to call yours and put them up on a poll or nail them into a tree so that it looks like they are street signs:)Hope that helps. I will post more when I can think of them LOL
    Peace and Hugs*


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